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Young Savage Singing Along to Flight of Conchords


inner city

inner city pressure

Karate Kid

Happy weekend, weenieheads

Friday Afternoon: A Slice of Dome-Piece

American Killers on the Tube



Independence Day (the Movie)



The Man


His soul



When you just don’t give a shit anymore…



The Boston Red Sox Are Gay

After the 3rd time through In Rainbows for the day, I have to call it quits. Holy fuck that CD is ridiculous.

Choice songs, by my ear, would be Nude, Arpeggi and Reckoner.

I placenta-dump on you faggots for one reason, and one reason alone. To piss on the gayest team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox are hands down the weakest, gayest piece of shit ball-licking group of homos to walk the earth since Dank’s JV soccer team in highschool.

Living proof that Boston Red Sox will always be the weakest team ever.


Monday Butt Crumbles

Let the week begin.

What’s up with Stoney’s Bucks? I traded Bulger for Garcia this week and I must say it was a good trade. The giants play tonight and I hope they win for Roughty, but I want them to lose because of Dank. Although they’ll probably win (non-savage) Dank’s Giants still eat butt crumbles.

Speaking of butt crumbles I can’t seem to get a hold of Stoney. I tried to call a few times and have come to the conclusion that Stoney is too busy (having gay virtua-sex with Dank) to answer his phone



I’m really enjoying all these recent posts about the Stoney crew’s embarrassing moments. I have a few that I would love to add but I must refrain due to Stoney’s crazy rules.