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The End of a Blog

This isn’t the end of the blog, or at least I don’t think it is.

This is the part of the South Park episode where all the little kids talk about what they learned this time around.

I learned that people respond better to drunken retards than to whiny introverts. Roughty, you are the king of the blog.

I learned that I really don’t have that much to say after all, despite thinking/wanting to. At the end of the day, I am just a regular dude. The grounding aspect of the bleezy has helped me to gain a perspective on who I am and what the fuck I’m doing.

I started the blog to give me piece of mind during my terrible work day. I needed something to do.

To all the people who never read the blog: I hope you know what you missed.

To all the people who did read the blog: I hope you had fun reading this bullshit.

To all the people who used to write on the blog but quit: You fall into both of the above categories, and you are all gay.

I win, I am the best, I am the king.

Of this blog.

What’s Wrong With You – Do You Have Testicles in Your Mouth?


salute, broncos fans everywhere

Jinxing the Jinx

I have a long-running jinx with myself, that when I interview for a job, I say, “I know I got that job.”

And then, I don’t get the job.

I’m supposed to hear back today or tomorrow on my job.

I know I got that job.


In fact, the jinx worked, and I got jinxed. My “safety” interview (3 total intvs) just got me back — DENIED.

Now, all I need is the job I that I really want to deny me, and I will be in a hole, a very big one, that I dug for myself.

Updated update, I got the job, yay.