Reconcile Our (Trade) Differences

For the last 3 days, or ever since I really caught on to the Great American Blog Revival, I have been wracking my brain for some shit to come up with.

Make fun of my friends and Stonies. This worked for the first 9 months of the blog, but history has proven this an inferior strategy for generating views. Too many inside jokes for non-Stonies to get into.

Complain about how shitty my job is. This worked for the first 9 months of the blog, but because I have a new job that is not shitty, this doesn’t work anymore either.

Talk about how messed up I get/ used to get. This one never gets old to me, but to other people who don’t know me, I think they take these posts a little too seriously. Yes, we did do that, but we can’t talk about it like that anymore.

Bash, compare and promote Bands. I love music, and will continue to highlight shows and bands of interest.

Come up with stupid lists that have no point. I’m doing that right now, but just without numbers. Please think of them as talking points, but not numbered.

Scour the internet for the freshest videos and pictures. Roughtonius unearthed some internet gold….where is Roughtonius anyway? (see first talking point [he’s taking it up the butt]).

Talk about politics. I am tired of useless politricks. Over the past year, I have moved ideologically from the medium left to the center. I don’t believe in the government helping people out so much anymore, if you want to be cold about it. Is global warming really real? In the end, I don’t really care.

Out with old, little bitches. There’s a little sum-up. From now on, expect less of the old and more of the new. What’s the new? I don’t know yet, because we’re not quite there. I do know that I am still a neurotic ball of rotten garbage juice. I may have fermented a little, but that’s just going to get you more fucked up off my shizzle.

I have been considering promoting a new group identity. The Stonies, as it were, have totally abandoned and fucked the cause right up its powdered ass. Right there, in the balloon-knot. You know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I think a new identity would be cool. SWS will always be SWS, not that we have any long-timers or anything. Like the Wu-Tang has the killer bees, NWA is the most dangerous group, and……Busta-Rhymes has Flip-Mode?!?!

No but seriously…fuck all you bitches, for real. Bunch of no-good panty-waist slack-jawed dumbfuck hillbillies. Useless.

PS- Digi-cam in the house now. Maybe I’ll throw up some pictures about how to keep it real on the West Coast. East Coast is for pussies!! And bitches!!!

1 Response to “Reconcile Our (Trade) Differences”

  1. 1 James April 9, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    That’s what I am talking about!

    Out with the bull in with the new!


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