Here it is, the best of the best. Captain Stoney put this list together, check check it if you bored.

Roughty – Roughty goes for the throat, leaving you nowhere to turn except for the digital page. My personal favorites include the Pegasus post and the Mets, Braves post.

#1 in the hood, G.

Blast from the past…bitches

Jeep owners, listen up

Mets, Braves shittalking, and love for the roll call

Jesus is my coach

Infinite bitching, at the 25th hour 

How to Buy a Pegasus. Step 1: Locate a mongoloid

David Caruso deserves an Emmy

Retarded haircuts

What happened?

No TP? No problem.

Suityourself- After Houseparty got chopped, Suityourself inherited the role of “Most Dangerous Savage.”

Take a bat to your home-dog’s kneecap…..CHECK

Chany’s stick-up……CHECK

politics, religion, et cetera……………


This is really not funny, but…

Rubber Matches, Growing Up, Other Reflections and another Roll Call

Another 420 Post (brought to you by no. 1 style-biter)

Wait a Minute…Nascar?!

Most Savage Roll Call

Danknuggets- Forever the “Most-Sensitive Savage,” Danknuggets inhabits a land of imagery and emotion. Watch for strong political rhetoric, chivalrous adventures and flagrant Red Sox support violations.

Foreign Invader Takes Over Blogres, Installs New P.M.

The Scowl, A Tribute

Hail Mary, Fools of Grace

Presidential Hopeful Bows Out in Disgrace

Behold, SuitYourSelf, Our Most Savage Blogger

Manny, the Greatest Blazed Hitter Ever to Walk the Face of the Earth?

Announcing my Candidacy for President

StoneyWageSlave- The O.G. of this blog, StoneyWageSlave captures the metropolitan, political and cultural scenes from Coast and Coast and puts them in a blender. And then adds a healthy dose of weedage to suck it down.

Repeat Offenders

Rudy Giuliani in ’08: Cocaine and Hookers for All

So You Want To Come To Visit Stoney…

Alien Sightings and Paul McCartney is Weak

Tales from Venice

Keeping It Real Roll-Call

Bikers, Watch the Fuck Out!

America vs. Brits: Who Rocks Harder?

Puck: A Model of Savagery

Fair Weather Fiend

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