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A Great Awakening: The Blog Revival

Well, my plan worked.  Everyone is gone and there is nobody to read/write entries.  All mine!  mwhaahaahaa.  Anyway, it’s been awhile and I just wanted to start off by telling everyone that they are gay. 

 For news, well, I ran into a long lost brother: III dog.  I was standing outside of an academic building dreading the fact that I had to go to class and up walks the one the only.  But, does everyone know that grad school is for fags?  This shit blows and if you ever feel any inclination to lead a more fulfilling life and escape your wage slavery–don’t.  Yes, that’s right.  You have an eyewitness that is telling you.  Live an unfulfilling, selfish life.  Work, put in your eight hours, go home, and forget about what hell you just went through.  The beauty of work is that you can leave it at the office if you want.  Grad school is gay.  I’ve actually decided to do my reading for once and now all I do is fucking read.  Read, Read, REad.  And, some may say,  “well, that guy is lucky.  He is enlightening his brain and reading interesting stuff.”  Well, if you think that is the case you are sorely mistaken.  Nothing is interesting in my course of study.  I mean, does anyone find gender roles in Antebellum (pre-war) America interesting?  No, only man-hating lezzies.  Well, I guess I miss not reading cool stuff and listening to people talk about it. 

On another note, all the nay-sayer can eat a big fat because the Giants won the Super Bowl.  Yep, that’s right, Giants.  As for shit-talk for upcoming events, Red Sox are looking to defend their championship.  Unfortunately, I’ll be stuck watching the National League suck the big one. 

Anyway, I’ve got to go eat dinner at 7 -11.  Ahh, the good life. 

 Also, stoney, suit, roughty, and twitch are gay. 

Stoney Signals

Despite what you may be not reading, the Stoney Signal (SS) is alive and well, kinda like when the Nazi SS went to Argentina. But seriously, the Stoney Signal has been beeping and shit on the radar, but I have gone underground to facilitate my next move.

This week was all resumes and bullshit. Got an interview this afternoon, and hopefully, none more to come.

Anyway, I feel like my era of StoneyWageSlave is coming to a close. After pissing off my parents so badly, I kinda started to feel like I was doing something for the wrong reason. In that, I started this blog as a fuck-off, a thing to do at work when I was bored, and to just basically talk shit to my friends. Now, the blog is lost, aimless, and as worthless as it was on the day I started it.

It was a nice bonus to have so many people reading the site at one time, when I knew I could just write whatever gay bullshit I wanted, and have a bunch of people read it, or at least click on the page. It felt pretty good.

And now, with nobody reading, and no other Stoney helping to keep up the fight, it makes me feel like “What’s the point?”

All of my main issues have been covered, and covered thoroughly. I believe everybody should be smoking weed, or at least consider it, because it has helped to open up my mind and consciousness to understand things I didn’t know existed. And if you’re not about the weedage, that’s fine too. Just for me personally, I have found it to be a wonderful and enjoyable plant to use daily.

I also believe fully in the art of slacking. I also believe in any of the other bullshit that I said, like the Boston Red Sox are gay, Pete Doherty is an excessively savage badass, and a ton of other things.

For now, over and out, bitches. In the words of a famous professional wrestler, if you didn’t know, you better ask somebody.