Easing back in

Greetings from the newest 24 year old on the SWS block.  The birthday celebration was a memorable one – memorable because I did not spend the night in jail.

Friday night involved an unnatural amount of Jameson whisky, seeing a former Y2S member, then somehow making it across town to my friend’s house.  Promplty upon rising on my birthday morning, the gang went to our usual weekend breakfast spot, Bamboo, to get “Bamboozled”.  Getting, “Bamboozled” is a time honored tradition, seeing as Bamboo serves cheap, extremely stiff drinks.  My birthday breakfast consisted of a 3 egg omelette, 2 shots of whisky, and 2 gin & tonics.  It tastes just like it sounds – delicious!

Over breakfast however, an impromptu trip to Charlottesville was discussed for a friend’s party.  I didn’t have shit to do the next day, nor did any of my other degenerate friends, so off to Charlottesville we went.  Long story short, drunkeness ensued.  After a couple cold ones, I managed to get myself pushed down a hill, where I promptly twisted my leg in an unnatural manner.  I got up only to buckle under my newly weakened leg.  It was my surgery ankle, and fuck, I knew it would be a balloon in the morning.  Yet, it was my birthday, I had plenty of alcohol in my system, and coming, to stave off pain until morning.  I gave myself the green light to resume drunkeness.

Pain did come my friends, and now I have to take the week off of work because I cannot walk around.  Oh well, I could use a break after my weekend.


My main girls help me celebrate with whisky and beer abound.


Since I have been on sabbatical, I will update you readers on a few things.

Savage mascot located.

Puck, our faithful mascot has been located.  My former roommate absconded to God knows where almost one year ago with his Russian wife, and with my cat Puck.  I found out where they are the other day, and now our savage mascot will be returned to his rightful owner.  See also: death to all birds in a 2 block radius of my apartment.


New sidekick hired by Irish ninja.

Every superhero needs a sidekick who unconditionally holds him in high esteem, fights without question, and can be bossed around.  These are just the qualities I was looking for when I placed an ad for a new sidekick.  You didn’t get the ad?  You are obviously not tight with the ninja and surrounding communities.  Here was the winning reply…he got extra points for a video entry.

That’s right, bears CAN use computers.  At least any bear I will let faithfully stand by my side.  Oh yeah, and Excel spreadsheet competancy is a must.

This bear did narrowly defeat the most fearsome predator, and probably the best choice for sidekick of all-time; T-Rex brandishing sub-machine guns.  Unfortunately, I had to dock the T-Rex for being extinct.  However, once Jesus brings the T-Rex back, I will hold a battle between the bear with Donatello-like skills, and the gun brandishing dinosaur.  It will happen…


It’s good to be back, sort of.  By the way, just in passing…Giants are 4-2.  Eat that knuckle-draggers.

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