DankNuggets, Live on the Air

Earlier today, Danknuggets called me up from his new “job” on his first day ever. Dank, you should quit your substitute teaching job. You are not cut out for it.

Hear are a few key excerpts:

“I sent 2 kids to the principal to get her, and when she came in she screamed at them. So they were quiet for five minutes, and then they were going nuts again.”

“I have achieved nothing today. Zero accomplishments, I can’t get through to them.”

“They are tearing up the room.”

“The Spanish teacher came in from next door and started screaming at them to be quiet.”

“Remember the substitute teacher who couldn’t run the class? That’s me.”

Wow. No shit, Dank. You’re telling me that your scholarly philosophy of “smoke now, sleep later,” doesn’t make the grade in the public school system? Those little bitches ate sugar crackers and milk for breakfast, not to mention any juice or candy that they snuck in. They are high as a kite.

Anyway, after today you will only have two (2) more chances to really fuck your day up before you get the ultimate…

(this fucking retard to substitute teach at our school)


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