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Look At All The Great Shit We Did

Now that we’re deep into this shithole, I wanted to recap the major posts. I tried to give everybody 2 posts, but Suit just didn’t cut it, and he only got 1. Here goes:

RoughtyMcRoughtonWhat Happened? and Ode to the potato

Deddog A Modest Proposal and High Crimes of Savagery

Haganav Ancient Ritual Sacrifice and “Hama Rules” and its application, if any, to Iraq

Suityourself Virginia is for Garbage Mountains

StoneyWageSlave How should I alter my mind at work today? and Racism is Schism

The Highlighted Battle for the Week Mug Shot Battle

I think that a couple of things are obvious from these posts.

1. We are consistently putting up quality shit. If you can’t find it, that just means that you aren’t wasting enough time looking for it.

2. We are a creative and diverse group.

3. Our blog is better than yours.

That’s pretty much it. I’m taking down my Knight Story, because you don’t deserve to read it anymore.

PS- I think wordpress is taking down our pictures of famous people or something. Weak.