Drugs, Blog Posts, Etc.

The blizog is on its last leg, but it always has been. Keeping it on the edge of death forces me to either take care of it, or kill it, and it’s just too dear to my farty heart to just fucking axe it. I mean come on. Remember that time I got excommunicated from my family for a week because I wrote a blog post about how controlling my parents are? Seriously, that was some hardcore shit.

What about the time Suit and Roughty came to visit, and Suit ended up puking all over my roof on the first night because he was drunk, really stoned and also high on blue xanax pills. That was sweet too.

I also remember when Dank sent me an email with a picture of his girlfriend’s hand with a huge ring on it like he was getting married, so I wrote a big long post about wishing the new couple mad success. I gave a heartfelt, genuine blessing of the Fucklehead Reunion, and what do they do? It was a fucking sham the whole time, and I felt burned, red-hot and pissed! That was a good one too, Dankiel, Good one.

If there was anything that I would do to make this blog super-awesome again, it would be to bring my closest compatriots back into the mix. Dialogue is everything, and my whiny ramblings don’t do it, not even for me. Haganav, my younger brother, was an excellent addition, but he only made it like 2-3 posts because he takes it too seriously and doesn’t understand the concept of brain-dumping and ranting. But that’s what I’m talking about, diversity is where it’s at. A diversified portfolio will make you more money than not having money, so that’s where I’m coming from on that one. Twitchie would be nice too, but I deleted his second post for about 20 minutes because it was about the time he had butt sex with a girl, and I edited for discretion and to maintain my PG-13 rating, which I also abuse by cussing too much. But the PG-13 rating really only applies to pictures of naked women and porn verbage, so there you go. Like the time I deleted a picture Dank put on of a girl on a golf course with her ass hanging out. Delete!

One time, I got so drunk at night, that I was puking at work the next day. OK, three times.

I hinted last post about my new years shitstem, and it is going good. Everyday, I write down a list of the shit that I have to do. There are lots of different time frames, so i can see what i’m supposed to be doing for the week, month, and ultimately the year. It helps me a lot because I am all over the place, unmotivated and a procrastinator. I have already done a ton of shit this year that I have been supposed to be doing forever, and it just makes me feel good, like a normal functioning member of society. I’m really not, but it still makes me feel good. I’m supposed to be sending out Resumes on Craigslist, but I’m not because I don’t feel good, and I’m writing another blog about nothing instead.

I wrote a story 2 weeks ago, only 4 pages long or so. I quit it though. Just sent it to Suit for approval.

Here is a personal theory on drug use. As I have experienced it, and as I have read doctors explain the drug process, it is a CYCLE. Let’s imagine you start here. Then you take a drug, ie booze, weed, cocainums, xanax, whatever. The drug gets inside you, hits your brain, and you’re high (or low). Then, once the drug starts wearing down, you come back down to the original place you started. THEN, the shitty part happens, when you actually go “lower” than you were before the drug, to a point where you would feel “normal and balanced” again only after you take the drug again. IE you do coke all night, get fucked up, and wake up in a shit-hole hell you created. In your mind and body, all you need is a line, and you will feel good again. That’s what you think, just one more fucking line, and everything will be OK. Too bad it’s not like that, little pussy drug takers.

My question/theory is this: Why does everybody bitch about the coming down part? It’s half the fucking cycle!!! It’s like, if you are going to do a drug, then be ready for the whole thing. Don’t just be ready for half of it. That’s called being a fucking baby. That’s called having your cake and eating it too. Think about Newton, fuckheads! Everything that goes up, must come down, at least on Planet Earth in our gravity system. So if and when you get all fucked up on your favorite drug, next time, instead of bitching about how shitty it feels to come down/off/sober up, try to embrace that part of the cycle as what it is…THE OTHER SIDE. It’s the other fucking side!! It’s like you went to a record store and bought an LP of your FAVORITE FUCKING BAND EVER, and you only listen to one side of it. It doesn’t make any sense to me, the people who make such a big deal about coming down, being hung over, etc etc. It’s all part of the package. Stop being a baby and embrace the full cycle of your drug abuse.

Done for the day.


1 Response to “Drugs, Blog Posts, Etc.”

  1. 1 stoneywageslave January 8, 2008 at 9:15 am

    not that i like the coming down part. it just feels necessary. if you never came down, you’d be high all the time, and that really doesnt work, unless you’re smoking weed, in which case, just smoke all the time and you’ll be fine.


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