Noob Status Complete


Pete Doherty
John Lennon
Jimi Hendrix
Sick Ass Radiohead
People I don’t know


CEOs abound
My bosses
People I know

“You are either a pro or a noob. That’s life.”

When you break it down like that, either/or, then you get a good sense of the black and white differences between pros and noobs. I am a big fat fucking noob, and I know it, so if I said otherwise, I’d be lying.

The pros in my universe are all people I would consider to be “a motherfucking asshole,” and their pro-ness gives them that edge.

Noob-status, ala ME, is achieved through sustained worthlessness, a lack of motivation and focus, and general useless negativity. This blog is a PERFECT example and manifestation of my weakness and noob-ocity. Here I am at work wasting my life, and guaranteeing my noobness by putting energy into a gay-shit blog that nobody reads (for good reason).

Now now now. Some of you might be like “oh man Peezy is being a negative fag-ass nancy,” and guess what, you are right. The difference between today and yesterday is that I have recognized my weakness, and the change is happening. No more noob status.

I am pro now. Just like that, I will show you how. FSSSSWWWCCCHHHWWWTTTT, just like that, I am around the corner and out of sight.


1 Response to “Noob Status Complete”

  1. 1 Jeff December 31, 2007 at 10:05 pm


    I know who Maynard is!@ the rest I sortof glossed over…

    I remember when that song lateralus came out, I thought it was the greatest ever… I think I’ll go listen to it right now…

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