Monday Bloglog

No stories inside today for me. Sweaty palms on my keyboard, my shirt is rip sleeved, so keeping my sweater on to hide my grublicker status.

An OG Stoney, DanJa, visited this weekend in LA. It was sweet. Danja is in the big city, living in Brooklyn and working in Times Square, and he has shit together more than any of us by a million miles, except maybe for Suit. Suit is going to be a PhD soon.

Survey on the news says How much will you increase your holiday spending from last year? Most say 6%. I will be decreasing my $$ spent this year, by somewhere around 10000000%. I’m getting my christmas present today! Do you all want to know what it is?

$420, that I am paying immediately for traffic tix. I have traffic tix, lots of them. Don’t even know how many. Shit. Parking nazis are really hardcore around here, and that kind of sucks, because I have paid the city literally thousands of dollars, because one of the worker drones saw my car being flagrant, and I got tapped for the ticket. Worst.

Anyway, I’m getting some dress shirts and pants for xmas too. That’s about it. When I was kid, I couldn’t believe adults only got clothes and money (there weren’t that many gadgets in the 80’s, remember?). Now, I really need clothes and I really need money, so everything is coming full circle apparently.

Relief, that’s what would be nice.

What’s new, now what’s new in Stoneyland….

Radiohead in my ears, maybe that’s why I’m in such a good mood.

Guitar playing is fun, if you are in the right mood and have the right attitude. If not, then you are wasting your time and energy.

I will never be a professional skateboarder, but I would like to be able to do some more tricks. I have extremely weak ankles, so when I go for tricks, I pull my punches BIG TIME because I don’t want a broken ankle.

I found out Athene, the dude from the video games, is fake. I am disappointed, but not too bad. I still like that character, he is fucking nuts. Dude is a great actor.


1 Response to “Monday Bloglog”

  1. 1 youandwhosearmy December 17, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    the IR discbox is sweet as all get out. very much worth it. the artwork is fucking outstanding.

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