Politic Shitstems

“This is ultimately going to come down to two questions for undecided voters: Which is the Democrat best positioned to win in November, and which one is best qualified to start from the very first day and give the country a fresh start,” said Tom Vilsack, a former Iowa Democratic governor who serves as national co-chair of Clinton’s campaign.

Here we are in full primary season, and my first one at that.

HilDog stands poised to lose, as much as I would love to say win. Vilsack (above) is telling me exactly what I want to hear, but the thing is, I feel like a lot of people I know, that I see driving down the road next to me, don’t feel the same way. And I also know that what our old boy Vilsack above says, well, it strikes deep fear into the hearts of mortals.

 HilDog is the Devil, a worshiper of socialism, Satan and……sodomy. That’s right, folks. Sodomy. *larrycraig*

 No really, let’s get back on track.

 Iowa, New Hampshire…are you serious? Is it really a burden of the all-American Midwestern political activists, to wield so much strength, to be responsible for the fate of the country, and of the world?

 People of Iowa and whoever the fuck else is voting, I wish you the best in your decisions.

 And as much as I wish I could wave my rainbow colored Democratic flag, just another regular person on the way to the Bowl game, I am scared to jump the gun.

 Four years ago, I got a shirt that said “Bush is Over” in dark green (like a forest). I couldn’t bring myself to wear it; something just was not right about predicting the fate of the country ala the Abercrombie fall catalog. I cast my ballot from a distance for the vilified and slandered good old boy (which one?), but, in the end, fate would have me bite my hand again in anguish.

 Oh Woe is me, the lots are cast and they have won.

And now here today, can we make another joke at what so many have fought and died for? And not only those who have fought and died, those who have worked tirelessly and relentlessly, silent footsoldiers of the pencil clan, fighting and dying (souls [haha]).

 Remember the face of your father, a quote I have recently borrowed and discovered and am learning to live by. The face of your father, from whence you came, and who you are and could be.

 Those voices, the people who have come before me, tell me that it is coming to be my turn to speak, that it is our time for action. Many have come before, and many will come after. For us, for what we can do today, we should all think and act for what should be best for our country.

 In a country founded upon individualism and self-sufficiency, it is all of our burdens to bear now, to fight for what we have and what our children will have. My puny arms will never aim a rifle across a trench, and if they do, I pity my bunkmate. But to think, and to love our country and to stir the pot of *democracy* and the enlightened thought, it is our duty as people who were born in the United States to take up our responsibilities as citizens of democracy, and cast your vote, and at least fucking THINK about what is going on.

 With privilege, comes responsibility. That’s another quote I learned later in life.

 And for all our quotes, and everything I jabber about…what does it mean, in the end? Some would believe that the lots have already been calculated in the supercomputer, and that one person will win no matter what. Others would sit at home and block it all out, because the world of politics is full of fakery and bullshit, and nothing can come of a single vote.

But I believe, as a student of history and bullshittery, that my vote, that my actions, that my thinking about this election will do something. Even to the people around me, at the very least, I would hope to inspire in you to register and vote for whoever you want, Jeb Bush, Jenna Bush or whoever else is running. I really would, I would hope to make you vote, but that is merely sentimental idealism, and my good friends across the pond Radiohead said something about don’t get sentimental it always ends up drivel. And so I leave you with my final quote, from Radiohead.

 Dear Reader, all 20 of you who will read this, I beg you to listen to what’s going on, and to do something about it. Even if that means shouting on the street corner, writing a gay blog post, smoking a fat joint and just THINKING about it, or doing whatever else you do.

It’s our country, and it’s our time. No one else is going to do anything to help us. We have to do it ourselves.


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