I’m doing resumes and shit. My goal was to hit 10 today, with an emphasis on specifics and shit to make it look like I want to work for that specific company.

Scale of 1-10

Morale Level: 6

Morality Level: 7

Mortality Level: 10 (fucking dead)

Resume Level: 6 (of 10)

Bullshitter Level: 3, but rising with each blog word typed

Pissed Off Level: 3, not bad, right?

Stoney Level: 0. Out of weed, worst!

Parental Communications Level: 3, talked to dad yesterday, still AWOL on ma-dukes

Red Sox are Fucking Gay Level: 10 (at least they’re consistent, right?)

Overall, I feel motivated to get out of my job. I will have a new job, and soon. Fuck this gay shit. Blogs will be light until it’s all good in the hood. Fuck the Stonies, you all dropped the ball big time.

If the Stonies were a car in grand theft auto vice city, they would all be Faggios, each and every one.

1 Response to “Shit”

  1. 1 etwitch October 30, 2007 at 10:13 am

    hey now, i just wanted to let the heat die down.

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