If the car gots no lights, I still got my rights

Another day, another dollar, or should I say, no such dollar.

Winter is bearing down hard, even for us savages on the West Coast. Dankiel, I am glad that you don’t consider yourself a savage, and never felt comfortable with the term. Non-savagery suits you well.

In the place of long-winded words about nothing, I find myself blanking out and going nowhere in my mind.

Turbo Dinosaur, the vaulted and esteemed 4th member of the West Coast crew, got peaced out. Over the last 2 months, Turbo and Chompy were both in separate cages in our tiny apartment. I didn’t talk about it on the blog, because I was really just too upset to deal with it, and like all macho men, I just bottled up all my frustrations and feelings, and let them seep out of me, both passively and aggressively, as I displaced and projected all over this motherfucker.

It all happened a long time ago, when Suit and Roughty came to visit. The dogs were going NUTS the whole time, and the night before Roughty left, they got in their first “fight.” It was mostly Chompy being a bitch, and then Turbo reacting, but it became serious, and it was obvious that they were trying to hurt each other.

The next night, after Roughty left, Turbo and Chompy got into it in the kitchen. Winner: TURBO.

The dogs were separated while me and T were in Key West. We got back on a Saturday at midnight. I collected the dogs, and then the next morning, at about 8:30 AM, I took them to the dog park. Night Night.

Turbo and Chompy got in another fight. Chomps had to get $1k of surgery on her chest. She was fucked up. Enter cages. Exit free time and life. Two months later, Turbo is living in a house in the canyon with another crazy dog who can keep up with her energy.

Good luck, Turbo Dinosaur. Don’t try to eat your new host-dog.

In other news, the political atmosphere is trending steadily towards socialized democracy. Or democratic socialism. Either way, it’s an idealized world, where everybody works hard and gets to be involved in government, and the government serves as a big pillow for everybody to sleep on and snuggle in at night. It’s a great place, really, I can’t wait until it actually arrives.

The new season of TV is here, right? I don’t have TV, but that’s what it seems like. Everybody is getting down with Heroes and stuff. South Park starts this week I’m pretty sure, that’s about the only show I think is cool enough to care about.

In related news, how about all these kids killing people? It’s like, this goofy kid gets made fun of, and his girlfriend really breaks up with him, so he kills a bunch of kids sitting around and eating pizza??? Eating pizza and drinking soda?? It’s a ridiculous story, and to think of killing a bunch of people who are having a pizza party is nuts, especially over your girlfriend breaking up with you…that’s just nuts.

you make love, you break love
it’s just all the same

That’s a shout out to you Dankiel “I Shot Her In The Face” Polakski.

In other news, I don’t know what I am doing anymore. The relief of not having a terrible dog situation at home has given me so much free time to…play video games. Currently, I am getting down with Tony Hawk Wasteland, which has turned itself around and is getting pretty fucking hard. I’m also getting down with some Vice City, but that game just doesn’t pull me in like some others do.

I’ve been seeing this guy around my neighborhood a lot over the past few months, and I finally found out why.


He’s living down the alley from me. Don’t know if he got divorced, or what, but it definitely seems like a bachelor’s pad to me. I have no way of knowing though. Sick cars. The dude is pretty gnarly, definitely a savage. Maybe he’ll get me on a movie set, I’ll be discovered, and then get to go to the MTV music awards, or something like that.

Living in California, I often think about what the people in Illinois and Ohio are doing, and what they think is “cool” and all that stuff. As “out of touch” they are, I find it interesting how many people are from the bumble-fuck midwest USA, and have come to LA to “make it big” or work in the movies. Mostly, it seems like these people are just “being cool,” and they are using LA as a stomping ground for their research into what it means to be totally cool, and totally independent. Please.

My new neighbors, the Brothers Carl, are from Illinois, but they don’t fit into this category, because they really aren’t trying to be cool.

Other notable mid-westerners who moved to LA to be cool and swing their thing.

Axl    Dank




Why does the President think we can cut taxes, but increase spending exponentially? It makes no sense at all.



2 Responses to “If the car gots no lights, I still got my rights”

  1. 1 dankknuggets October 9, 2007 at 9:40 am

    disjointed and flawed. plus, your a gay ass rich floridian.

  2. 2 gn October 9, 2007 at 11:52 am

    I don’t think that’s unique to L.A. — a lot of small-towners move to cities to “make it big,” etc. only to have their dreams CRUSHED.


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