The beat goes on

It keeps going, too. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

And for the main event, the Babyshambles came out with their new cd today, and let me tell you right now…it is fucking NUTS!

On Friday, I emphasized that I will be here until the end, broadcasting my bullshit for no one to read, until I am no longer allowed to do so. Well let me tell you, dear readers, that my time is soon approaching.

Word on the street is, when Radiohead opens their website for downloading, then the entire internet is going to crash, and all the computers all over the world will shut down, and start playing Radiohead songs, even if the computer doesn’t have a speaker. Imagine that, a billion computers playing Radiohead around the world, some even without speakers. Even computers that are like 20 years old, like the old Macs with green letters, will play radiohead, even if they are broken and aren’t plugged in. They will just start playing. Just wait.

See the thing is, Radiohead is actually going to take over the world, and only let people who have Radiohead tattoos, like me, live. If you don’t have a Radiohead tattoo, you don’t get to live. Period.

On a side note, one thing that I think about sometimes is people picking up their dog shit with plastic bags. The new thing is “to pick up your own shit” and be “green” and stuff, and it all ties together I guess. But then, why do people use plastic to pick up their dog shit? It’s plastic, remember? That’s like the worst thing in the world to use to pick up your shit. I use old newspapers to pick it up, then just throw the happy meal into somebody else’s trash can along the street. So far, no one has caught me throwing my dogs shit away in their trash can, and also, it means that I am cleaning up after myself, without the use of non-renewable resources.

I just wonder what happens when I throw the shit newspaper into a recycle bin. Can they recycle paper that has shit on it? I’m not sure, but I know deep in my heart that I am better than the plastic-baggers because of my new eco-friendly shit disposal.

Prius’s are gay, too.

It’s like, buy a Prius, and then you have a green stamp of approval, that you are doing your part. I dont think so, motherfucker, I don’t care about your gay bullshit Prius. You can afford that Prius because you drove to work for the last 8 years in your Expedition to go work for Exxon, right across the hall from Dank’s dad.

Just because you have a Prius and pick up your dog’s shit with a plastic bag, that doesn’t mean you are the next Arianna Huffington-Gore. It just means that you are rich enough to afford a Prius, and that means you are a big player in the corporate-consumer world, whether you want to admit it or not. If you have the $20k+ on hand to pay for it, or you can sign a lease for it, then you are rich, and you are the man, and you are the reason why little kids in Africa get their hands chopped off on the way to the diamond mines. I mean, if you’re rich enough to own a Prius, then whatever company you work for is offsetting all your good deeds, dumping radioactive HIV poison into the fucking IV tube of the kid without a hand in Africa. I mean, think about it. Seriously, think about it.

And in the end, after the rants, I am still here at work, doing jack shit. I have a lot fewer articles today to write, because my boss didn’t use the one I wrote for Friday, so I’m just going to put a new date on it and say “here you go, boss.”

The Babyshambles are in my ear, I just stole the fuck out of that shit at work. And let me tell all of, all of you naysayers and motherfuckers talking shit on my boy Pete. What Pete is doing is more savage than what you are doing. Rock and Roll, he is bringing it down, harder than anyone else but Radiohead is. And Radiohead is not rock anymore, it’s its own thing, in a different world. Babyshambles is holding down the rock and roll front, what a motherfucker. And if you don’t know, or don’t agree, that just means that you aren’t on the level, and you aren’t down with the rock. It’s really that simple, all matters of taste aside, if you aren’t down with this CD, then I think you should realign your priorities and decide whether you really like rock and roll, or music at all.

Because nowadays, music is a cool stamp. And that’s also what I love about my boy Pete, is that everybody everybody rips his ass for being a fag, and a fucking jackass, and a a bitchboy and all this other shit, but guess what, bitches? He fucking rolled out his big guns on this one, so take note.

Fuck Prius, Fuck all you bitches listening to gay music, Fuck the shitstem, Fuck Mondays, Fuck off Stonies, Fuck off Work, and just fuck the fuck off for a while, don’t come back, don’t read this, just quit it.



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