State of the Blog

I have taken it upon myself to deliver today’s State of the Blog address. Where are we? Where are we going? Let’s find out.

Big News: Twitch joined the blog. None of you understand the ramifications of this except for me and Lady T. Twitch started huffing gasoline when he was 5. His favorite jab at me, “At least I’ve never been arrested,” can no longer be used due to its current and now-everlasting falsehood.

Gossip Debris:

Roughty has basically quit the blog. However, because he is approaching completion of his sophomore college year, I will cut him some slack, because Econ 102 is tough, and we all know it.

Dank has a job. WOW. After 2+ years of smoking cigarettes, playing Xbox and eating ma dukes’ lasagna, Dank has moved up and onwards to the big, bad world.

Suit is still stuck in Virginia Beach. The other VB (not to be confused with Venice Beach) is one of the gayest, worst cities in the entire country, and I would put down every dollar that I have and ever will have that Suit will never live in another place.

And as for me, I’m still stuck at my same piece of shit job. I’m studying for my CFA test in December, but the material is insane and I still feel like I don’t have my feet on the ground after more than a month. As an aside, Lady T says that my posts are too serious and shitty, and that this is actually Roughty’s blog, because he is the funniest, and more people read his stuff than any other person combined. Although I do lean towards the dramatic and obvious, I defend my choice and tone because guess what, bitches? That’s the way it goes here at SWS, and if you don’t like it, “then that’s just like your opinion, man.”

State of the Blog:

The blog is going well. To let the curious readers know, we get about 6-700 individual readers a day, which is pretty good, I think. About 80-200 people a day come to our site by searching for the words “pegasus” and “ass,” so we still have around 3-400 semi-regular readers, if I do my math right. I’m always curious about how many people read other people’s blogs. It’s definitely a penis contest, but that’s what we’re good at right?

The topics we have covered are far-ranging. I particularly enjoy personal attacks mixed with some lies and fibbing, because it gets everybody riled up about their own specific cause (see: Roughty is from NOVA and the Giants suck).

Personally, I still post 99% of my words from work. I thought the thrill of being such a slacker would die down as time went on, but it hasn’t. I love the fact that I get talk so much shit, all while working for my shitty paycheck.

Anyway, the state of the blog is…………..



Get back to work.


4 Responses to “State of the Blog”

  1. 1 suityourself September 11, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    they just changed the borders. i now live in chesapeake. give me all your money, puss.

  2. 2 suityourself September 11, 2007 at 3:17 pm


  3. 4 dankknuggets September 12, 2007 at 6:29 am

    i finally understand what it means to get paid to poop at the mouth. also, mine’s bigger.

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