Stoney, the Fairweather fan shittalker

another moronic uninformed post by stoney below.  if he had any knowledge of the game last night, he would know that eli manning was just about the only thing happening in the game for the giants besides plaxico burress and amani toomer.   oh yeah, third stringer derek ward looked fucking good as hell too.  Eli Manning went 29-40 with 312 yards, threw 4 tds and one interception.  Detractors must know that the interception returned for a touchdown was caused by the venerable plaxico burress, 3 tds and 120+ yards, losing his footing on a comback route. 

 Stoney however, prolly does not know what a comeback route is.  I must blow up this idiotic  attack on Roughty and I’s NY Giants.  I was called late last night to talk about whatever it is we stoneies decide to poop out of our mouths at any given moment.  i informed the said fairweather flan, as in without much substance, i had watched a dissapointing loss by the Giants.  He exclaimed, “oh, i was watching a little bit of that”.  Now, to my surprise, Stoney was actually watching a sporting event.  I was not surprised that he did not watch much of it.  You see, dear readers, Stoney has the attention span of a pre-geico caveman and the patience of a snarling rabid dog.  He watches sports only to be one of the ‘boys’  and plug is whiny vagina for a few brief moments with acceptance and masculinity. 

 Anyone who watched the game, even briefly, with the slightest knowledge of football (mine is certainly slight due to my entrenched knowledge of the world’s game and america’s past time) would have recognized the categorical breakdown of the vagiants defense.  This is been the problem for the last two years, none so evident as a night when the offense looked great.  If anyone wants another reason why they sucked, just look at the blank face of Tom Coughlin. The team is beyond his control, but luckily Eli has manned up and taken responsibility as a quarterback.  The defense however, is weak and lost.  Not to detract from the natural ability of Tony Romo, but the secondary (that is everyone but the linebackers and o-line, stoney) is swiss cheese and has been for awhile.  Nonetheless, the Giants will still be the best team ever to play in history and will overcome not only its own obstacles of disorganization, motivation, and injury, but crush the critics of crass cantankerousness.  Now, onto the original motive of my coming out of retirement. 

 wait, one more, tiki barber retired, stoney.  his brother is still playing for your team.

 ‘Your Team’  a quick rundown of Stoney’s ‘teams’. 

Baseball-Yankees, when they win; Dodgers for a sense of belonging

NHL- Red Wings

NFL- Colts, Pats, Bucs,


if ever unsure, check the column marked ‘w’ and pick the top one. 

To completely emasculate my dear brother, stoney, I must reveal that the ammunition for his uninformed attack came from yours truly.  Before abruptly ending our conversation on his own terms, he double-checked the primers on his shit-talking munitions asking, “so it was the Giant’s defense?”  So, not only was his misinformation blatantly retarded, but also totally gay.  Next time Stoney, don’t smoke dope in the proverbial munitions storehouse. 

On a side note, Twitch, you never staked your claim for your ‘team’.

The list goes:


Suit- the one with the fastest black man

Roughty- hometown Foreskins

Dank-Giants and any team with fast black men, especially qb’s.


Thanks for reading, readerous readers, you’re a loser if you think we’re cool. 

This message brought to you by the following:


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Finally getting paid to do this like you guys.   Done 20 minutes of work today. 

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5 Responses to “Stoney, the Fairweather fan shittalker”

  1. 1 stoneywageslave September 10, 2007 at 10:56 am

    dank, you fag-

    obviously, i hit a nerve. at least you got your d wet last night, roughty must be tired, from what i can tell in this post.

    since when did you like the fucking giants? puhlease bitch.

    anyway, all i can say is we can take this outside if you want. i prefer to dominate on the field, not the blogosphere and fantasy league, you biatch. i can safely say the only person on this blog who can compete with me in any sport is Suityourself, in the “wet spaghetti noodle arm” contest.

  2. 2 twitchie September 10, 2007 at 11:11 am

    Well Dankster, my favorite team is the Denver Broncos. You know, the team that won in the final seconds of regulation with a clutch effort from hall of fame kicker Jason Elam. I will however throw some props for lil’ manning, he finished the game with 312 yards while Denver’s Jay (we can’t all be Elway) Cutler finished with “only” 304. Also we can’t forget about Stoney’s other “favorite” team the Steelers. Big Ben is back and i have him on my fantasy football team. Oh and also a win from Washington, congrats suit.

  3. 3 Anonymous September 10, 2007 at 11:17 am

    yeah, stoney, the hanging curve ball contest too.

    twitch, broncos are gay. the only thing cool about them is the weather at mile high.

  4. 4 stoneywageslave September 10, 2007 at 11:26 am

    i used to like the broncos….when they were good.

    i didnt know they fired plummer’s old ass…about fucking time.

    and, as for the steelers, i adopt them for my team this year.

    “back in college” it was all about the steelers, and it’s time for someone to stand up for a real yankee team, not a fucking fake one like the sox…or the new jersey giants.

  5. 5 twitchie September 10, 2007 at 11:34 am

    Broncos 1-0
    Redskins 1-0
    Stoney 5-0
    Giants 0-1

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