What uppppppppp

irishmn7: yo, some lady that i served yesterday said i look like a greek god
irishmn7: BAM

That’s right, bitches. We are some sexy ass meat nuggets, I know, and I also know that it’s hard to keep control of yourself if you come across our divine presence throughout the course of your measly existence.

Not only is our physical presence intimidating, our use of large words projects a superior intellect and sophistication, perhaps a shade above the normal tome of the blogosphere.

But anyway, we are back on track here at SWS. Dank, keep your shit in check from now on, and Suit, where the fuck are you at, as usual. Roughtonius and Stoney will be able to compensate for their anticipated weakness, although the blog will limp skewed to our side, as usual, because neither of you are worth the crack sweat of a blind horse with no teeth.

In other news, there ain’t shit going on really. Summer is winding down, and the Pacific breeze is turning cool. While the rest of the fuckhead country is dying and sweating with unncessary heat, we are straight chilling in Venice, keeping it real around the 72 degree average. Why don’t you live here?

Roughtonius, I never understood your bitching about the California heat. All the time, I see on the heat map that Richmond is pushing 100-105, and it never even gets to 80 degrees here. What gives? For all your bitching about how California is such an oven, seems like you’re the one giving it to yourself, up your own ass, a fucking reach around to yourself, of utmost proportions.

And while we’re on the subject of reach-arounds, let’s talk about what happened last night, in Mets stadium. That’s right, folks, it was another classic Mets vs. Dodgers showdown, and as usual, the Dodgers fucking sucked a big dick, and got killed 6-2.

Wait, my bad…I got that backwards.

Mets suck dick, Dodger style.

That’s right, the Mets bit it again, real hard, in front of their home team. A bunch of fuckhead retard Mets fans were in the stadium, late in the game, running around cheering like a goddamn pack of retards. Game Over, Mets Lose.

The Mets/Dodgers game on my birthday this year was pretty sweet too. Despite losing the first 2 games of the series due to illegal cheating and gayness, the Dodgers sucked it up, and fucked the Mets up, for all of us to see and revel in.

Fuck the Mets.


Continuing in the same vein, fuck the gay Eagles. Eagles got smoked last night, by the Steelers. I won’t get into the Steelers, but I do like them a lot. I think they are a classy team, Rothy is a good guy, and I just like the overall atmosphere. I guess they have a new head coach now, and it looked like he was running the show, though he seemed a bit timid. Bill Cower left some big ass shoes to fill, and the Steelers were looking pretty good.

Anyway, FUCK THE EAGLES. Philadelphia is my #2 least favorite city on the East side, except of course for NOVA, which isn’t a city as much as it is an amorphous breeding ground for soulless NOVITES and future WM fag-holes.

Fuck off Eagles, Philadelphia, and NOVA, home of Roughty.


3 Responses to “What uppppppppp”

  1. 1 Roughty August 27, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Lets recap…Mets: going to the playoffs with the best record in the NL. Dodgers: not going to the playoffs and wishing they cryogenically froze Jackie Robinson in hopes of awakening and upgrading him to “Robo-Robinson” for the 2008-2050 seasons.

  2. 2 dankknuggets September 5, 2007 at 7:24 pm

    NL is the operative loser gay word

    Also, stoney wouldn’t get into it, but he likes the steelers because “they won a fucking super bowl”.

  3. 3 lattanzio November 26, 2013 at 3:21 am

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