Roughty’s Random Weekly Video, Week 12?: Nothin’ to smoke with

Give it a second to get through the initial credits.

I’ve loved Devin the Dude since III Dog introduced me to him in 2001. After playing his latest album for Suit during our LA trip, he is now a full believer. Suit needs, “da BOOM”.

Devin is not your usual rapper. He doesn’t bullshit about tearing up clubs, ice/bling, or Escalades. Devin’s lyrics are comprised of “The 3 Bs”.




…or the 3 Ws, if you like…




There is a lot of humor in Devin’s lyrics, coupled with lots of coughing, and beer drinking. Now how can I not love that?

Favorite Devin song: Zeldar. Zeldar is the tale of an intergalactic traveller who is at the Show&Tell convention on Mars. Zeldar had recently crash landed on earth, in a field of green leafy trees. So, he cut them, rolled them, smoked them, and guess how he felt……? very good. He took some on his spaceship, and now he is regaling his adventure with the intergalactic Show&Tell convention. I unfortunately cannot find this song.

Stoney’s Favorite Devin: Doobie Ashtray

Suit’s Favorite Devin: “da BOOM” prank phone call

Devin is from Houston, and has become quite proficient at imitating rednecks. His redneck persona is incorporated into a few of his songs, as well as this prank call.

Dank’s Favorite Devin: None. Dank is a Devin hater. He will come around someday.


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