Welcome to Hell

New neighbor alert…

Attention, all, my new neighbor Carl is a fucking waster. Talk about getting wasted, this guy has no problem with it, follow it up with some Pacific Ocean boogie-board action, what else do you want?

Carl turned 28 on Sunday. What the fuck am I going to be doing when I’m 28? No goddamn telling. Hopefully, I will be rich and famous off of this blog, and I will be supporting my lifestyle through Google Adwords and stuff like that.

I have nothing to say. The Mets, The Braves…who really gives a shit. Everybody knows who the best baseball team in the history of the game is….kazing!


And, mid-post, we have another huge update. I just bought the domain StoneyWageSlave.com, so there is no longer a wordpress.com bullshitstem necessary.

That’s what I call Professional Journalism, bitches. Please, no longer refer to this site as a “blog.” It is now a full-fledged “website,” and we will no longer be hindered by the censorship and shitty interface associated with wordpress. Pfft, jokers.

We have gone professional.


In other grand news, my boy Pete Doherty got arrested again this weekend. Fucking moron. What an idiot. I used to wear my Pete Doherty patch on my sleeve, but his flagrant disrespect for common drug laws are going to end up 1. killing him or 2. putting him in jail for so long that he loses his game (which is to say that he hasn’t lost it already).


I feel sad about Pete, because I like him so much. All hipsters owe him about 49% of their souls, the other 51% going directly to the church of the Strokes. I don’t feel sad “for” Pete, though…, just about him. I feel sorry for his Mom, mostly. She wrote a book about what it’s like to have a son who throws his life and talent away on drugs, never read it though. I imagine it’s pretty whiney.

Anyway, I’ve given up on him kind of. I loved the Libertines. I loved the Babyshambles…Down in Albion was fucking ridiculous, but his new EP….sucks. There’s only 1 good song out of 5, the other 4 sound like tired bags of shit. Worst.

That’s it for now, folks. Thanks for showing up, I guess. Fuck off if you want to.



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