Fuck Friday

It’s Friday. Thank you, Mr. God. Last night, went to the ultra-hip Troubadour to catch the totally “arty” Willowz. I first heard the Willowz on Pandora a year ago, and thought they were sick. I bought their CD, and then saw them, and they were just sick. I loved it. It was classic rock, I made a connection with them, and embraced their struggling act fully. I told everybody about the Willz. I signed up to be on the street time and distribute fliers at Coachella last year, but they didn’t send me the shit on time. I made Suityourself go out and buy the CD. I loved them.

Old School Willz Rockin

The problem with the Willowz is, that they took it too far. The main singer has a nasty voice, and rocks really hard. The skills and content of this band are Grade A, but the attitude gets a nasty grade, low C, pushing D. When I saw them a year ago, for the second time, they had just kicked out the OG drummer. They already had a new guitarist by the time I saw them the first time, so it’s only 2/4 original members at this point. Anyway, it was really obvious that they were fighting, right on stage. The main dude and the new guitarist were fighting, and the main dude yelled at the guitarist, as they were tuning up before the show, and I could just feel the ugliness coming out, despite how fucking hard they were rocking my hears.

The only way to describe them at this point is “a little off.” They just put out a new cd a few months ago, and I haven’t bought it. Anyway, I guess I was disappointed a little bit. They literally reused the same chord progressions, and put it on a different song. I heard at least 2 “new” songs last night that I could sing along the old lyrics with, without a hitch. Same song.

A big part of my deal with muzak is the ability to change and evolve. Quantity is also a factor. I don’t understand why it takes a band like the Willowz 2 years to come out with the same CD, with just different lyrics. I don’t get it. On the other hand, you have Jack White, playing in different bands, and creating FUCKING AMAZING rock music, as easily as he took a shit this morning in his mansion. He just does it, he talks about it…paraphrasing…”I don’t understand what these hipsters (willowz) are doing, bitching and moaning about how hard it is to make the music and how much of this and that. I don’t go there because I can’t. I’m not thinking about rocking it, I just do it.”

In other words, shut the fuck up your whining, and bring the noise, or else do something else and forget about the rock.

Anyway, I got a little too serious on this Friday without realizing it. Two major celebrity sightings yesterday. The first got me pretty excited. Walking up to the Troubadour, there’s this place called Dan Tana’s, which is supposedly real nice.

Who’s walking up to the door, big pimping his 5’4″ frame?

Clueless, anyone?


Then when we’re leaving, this guy is rolling thick outside Dan Tana’s. I’m not going to pretend Lady T didn’t flip her shit when she saw him. He was apparently “so hot,” despite not realizing that he had used too much Crisco in his hair curlers that day, and his little golden ringlets had drops of lard hanging off the tips. What a pimp.



Anyway, as this will be my last post of the week, I want to offer my hand in a truce. Suityourself, I really don’t care about your feelings, because I know you are a soul-sucking freak. But Danknuggets, please accept my peace offering.


And let’s all get back to normal. Obviously, I recognize what this site is about, because I created it. It’s about busting bulls, and it was my time to shine. People have been bitching to me, and a few comments, Dank and Suit’s double-whiny posts, that this site has become a soap opera, blabla. Guess what? It is a soap opera, and that’s how we like it. There’s nothing to do, nothing to really talk about that’s so fucking important. I was really bored on Tuesday, and didn’t have anything to write about…so I chopped Dank and Suit. Are they gone? No. Is each of us pissed at the other and will never be friends again? Yes, that is true. But at least we have this site, to “communicate” with each other, even if that means experiencing what the Zep called Communication Breakdown.

It’s always the same.


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