R.I.P. Tourettes Guy

Today is a day for mourning.  A man with infinite class and grace has been relegated to the has been.  He may not have been a famous man, but for those of us with nothing better to do than waste our time on the internet, we saw him as a role model.  I am obviously speaking of, “Tourettes Guy”.

I can only imagine the manner in which Tourettes Guy passed away.  It was most likely in some swearing blaze of glory.  He made words like, bullshit, fuck, and Bob Saget fun again for the masses.  This is a man who loved Tony the Tiger.  By all video accounts, Tourettes Guy owned only a Frosted Flakes T-shirt.  Tourettes Guy roamed the land like a Ronin, a masterless Samurai looking for his place in this crazy world.  Like all good Ronin, he habitually got boozed up and cursed.  He will be sorely missed.  To pay him tribute, I have compiled some of my favorite videos of his nonsense.

Tony the Tiger says: “Fuck salt!”

Where did the assholes who built this place put the bathroom!?

I know while I brush my teeth I cannot help myself from yelling at the mirror.

Two cheeseburgers with no bullshit.  How hard can that be?

After some boozing, Tourettes Guy can’t help impersonating Robert Stack, the man who hosted “Unsolved Mysteries”. Tonight, on “Unsolved Mysteries”, who gives a shit about  Bigfoot?

“Tit dirt” is not a malady to be underestimated. 

Fuck Bob Saget.

It’s not always cool to laugh at people with a disfunction but, come on.  Tourettes is harmless, and it’s fun for the kids.  Hopefully my tribute can put an exclamation point on a life filled with exclamation points!

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