The nonsense of these recent politicized attacks upon me, Stoney, has slightly irked my affable personality.

I call you out, Dank, aka
-Morel the Invader
-El Kabong
-Lester Von Cherrytree
-empty vessel for the used-car selling corporate elite
-wannabee Presidential Candidate, be it for middle school government, the SavetheEarth WM Edition, or of course, that bastion of free speech and expression, WMFM

Dankiel, where do you find the breath to create this nonsense? After weeks, nay months, of hiding in retreat at your vacation estate, you have the balls to step up to the plate to call for none other than my permanent exile? You stage a mock town hall meeting and inaugural speech by the bane of all Irishness? Roughty McRoughton?

I propose that New Jersey be seceded from this fine land of the USA. Only in Jersey would such ridiculous proposals be drafted and brought to the public’s attention. Only in Jersey would such a display of buffoonery and ill-placed angst be crafted, and allowed to be shown to the youths of this fair land.

I have a side note here. Although the mastermind of this ill-mastered plot must and could only be one “DankNuggets,” I know that it takes a village. My spies are quicker than yours, and I have heard it on the good word that these pictures were taken in none other than NOVA.

That’s right people, NOVA. Not the birthplace, but the living home of Roughton, and the second home of Dankiel, through his association with the mad cowboy of science and technology, OilSlick Dr. Paul Strangeglove.

It is no coincidence that two of the gayest and weakest locations in the entire country are entirely to blame for this self-serving attack upon the King of Blogres.

I present, New Jersey (the armpit of the world) and NOVA (an itchy flea in the grundle of the world).

Dank, only by combining the worst characteristics of these two shitholes (namely, staged drama, false pretenses, misinformation, and gayness) could you have produced such a fine hybrid of stupidity and non-effectiveness.

Where is your parade? Where are your supporters?

They are silent.

PS- Roughty, You are toast, as well.


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