I’m useless.

Unfortunately, we have changed roommates at my apartment.  There was some bad situations, and long story short, our internet connection is fucked.  Knowing Comcast, our connection will be in the shitter for about 3 weeks.  I am currently pirating some knuckle-dragger’s network, and will be doing so sporadically until we get our shit together. 

Unfortunately, Tom Glavine was not able to achieve his 300th win last night.  It would have been perfect, I had a post all ready about how Tom Glavine won his 300th game the same day “300” came out on DVD.  But alas, the fucking Brewers destroyed my literary license and my dreams.

I must keep this short, because whoever I am stealing internet from does not have his shit together, and this connection is precarious at best.  However, I saw something quite hilarious at work the other day.  While seating a guest in my section, I caught a glimpse of the power point presentation on his computer.  The title was an intant classic, “HOW TO SELL CIGARETTES TO NATIVE AMERICANS“.  Hilarious; the new peace pipe.


Apparently I don’t need to keep up with this bullshit everyday for us to kick ass.  Stoney is in the Keys, and I am useless, and StoneyWageSlave is still smiting all the mongoloids on the internet.  The Mets are on EPSN tonight, which means I must acquire beer.  Yes, beer and some potatoes.


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