Roughty’s Random Weekly Video, Week 10: Back on the Atlantic

Yeah, sue me.  I missed the weekly video last week while I was lounging around Venice beach, stoned, drunk, and sunburned.  I was on vacation, one that was sorely needed so fuck off. 

Furthermore, Stoney is on vacation in the Keys, so I’m at the helm.  Unfortunately, when one demolishes one’s bank account on beer, toilet paper and paper towels for a lazy host, and double the quoted rental car price, one must bust one’s ass at work upon returning home. 

I have just returned from a 15 hour work day, and I felt i should post even though my body wants to shut down.  So, I will give you this video thats a bit old, but still funny nonetheless.  The Stonies will love this because the owner of this car dealership is the great Dan Falk’s doppleganger.  I will be posting after this abysmal weekend.  Drink beer readers!

Get out your fucking checkbook.


2 Responses to “Roughty’s Random Weekly Video, Week 10: Back on the Atlantic”

  1. 1 Twitch July 28, 2007 at 10:57 pm

    I’m going to touch your privates. Hilarious!

  2. 2 dankknuggets August 3, 2007 at 10:51 am

    Roughty, you seem to have redeemed your failing random weekly video. This is by far the best video post of all time. I am so impressed and happy to see that son of a bitch come out of the woodwork. It was wonderful wonderosity by Chief Savage and a good eye by you Sweet! oh yeah, i need a new computer. can you help me out?

    Get out your fucking checkbook!

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