Michael Vick = Toast

Fuck Michael Vick. What a bitch.


I never liked Vick, not once. He came out all hot shit, and I didn’t like him. Fuck the Falcons. Vick is from one of the weakest areas of the country, that I have mentioned before…”Newport News.” Fuck the news, that place is worthless.

I don’t know how many people got into the details, but let me share a few.

Hanging dogs.

Drowning dogs.

Shooting dogs.

Hosing a dog down and electrocuting it to death.

Body slamming a dog to death.

Fuck Michael Vick. Talk about issues, this dude should have plenty of free time in jail to think about what’s up with this.

“Rape stands” for aggressive females who don’t want to get mounted.

Verdict for Michael “The Fag” Vick…Guilty as a fucking bitch.

I don’t have any witticisms to dress up the truth. Body slamming and electrocution speak for themselves.

Unlike the recent Duke rape case, the 54 dogs rescued from Vick’s house will probably not change their story. The DNA from the dead dogs on his property probably will not clear the way for a pardon call from the governor.

Maybe it’s all a setup, white man coming down on the black man. Vick’s the 2nd highest paid player in the NFL…Bob Marley used to be on the CIA list….why not Vick?

Please. Vick, you are toast. I publicly embrace your demise, and wish nothing but the worst upon you and your allies. I pray for long, sleepless nights, the desertion of your fans, friends and family, and the inability to overcome any obstacle in your path.

I wish you would get to play one more game and lose, and then be given to your master for your own summary judgement. Like electrocution, a shot to the head, a hanging, or maybe a good old fashioned bodyslam.

One of the dogs:


Similarity to Vick’s fighting pits to my pit, Turbo Dinosaur (pre-Rescue), in appearance, genetics and overall life situation:




8 Responses to “Michael Vick = Toast”

  1. 1 twitch July 19, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    fuck michael vick and his jumbo missing link gorilla lips.

  2. 3 dankknuggets July 19, 2007 at 5:53 pm

    as a devil’s advocate i would just like to say to ye great american, stoney: innocent until proven guilty. yes, he’s prolly guilty as hell and i think he is, but this is america, not kyrblekistan.

    as another note, i predict, he is not fucked and his career is not over and he will do none if any jail time. prediciton: thirty days jail and a whole lot of money under the table. however, this is being federally prosecuted and the government seems questionably zealous at all athletes prosecution, even retroactive drug use. they will and have spun it as a noble crusade to eliminate seedy characters that are naturally iconized by youth. we all know, nothing is done without the bottomline first in the mind. they’ll either get a shit load of money, or prevent another black man from raking it in. think about the huge amount of income tax they would rake in if they let michael vick continue raking it in. they’re not going to give up that much raping of one black man for that much money. it’s gonna be replaced. everything is about the bottomline.

    also, in the name of balanced discussion, i think we should also look at the blackman’s socioeconomic enslavement by our white christian government. with your exploratory knowledge of ‘the news’ i think you should understand a little bit more about the lack of hope in every african american’s life, especially young men. with this lack of hope and inundated distrust and disrespect for authority the lucky blackman given the power of celebrity is ill-equiped often to understand the plank he walks in white man’s land and how to stay balanced on this tightrope.

    a final thing for thought is about the gov’t’s new found crusade against celebrities that are larger figures than every gov’t figure but bush and certainly more involved int he every day lives. interesting distraction that can be controlled when it becomes too great. this is an exercise of their absolute power and subtle reminder of our regime’s culture of fear.

    my feelings: michael vick, if found guilty, broke the law and should serve the appropriate sentence. throw him in a cell with oj, robert blake, paris hilton, and the rest of our corrupt political regime.

  3. 4 dankknuggets July 19, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    unstated: these crimes are particularly heinous.

    once again, the selfish hobbesianism of modern humanity ironically satisfying vulgar sensualality while hurting their beastly kin. distinguishing note: animals rarely if at all pre-meditate their acts that are deemed transgressions by society. they are members of society by indoctrination like us all, but without the same care that is put forth in raising humans and cannot be judged by the same standards. remember that, pet owners, the next time you get pissed at your animal being an animal when they shit on your persian rug or beg for the wonderful ‘sustenance’ on your plate.

    free the beasts! surpress your own!

  4. 5 twitch July 19, 2007 at 11:14 pm

    damn dankster,
    Too deep, I say hang the monkey.

  5. 6 dankknuggets July 20, 2007 at 11:28 am

    i say stay in texas with the rest of your fiendish white brethren

  6. 7 Twitch July 20, 2007 at 4:21 pm

    Ok Dank I’ll stay, but not by choice. My lazy ways are catching up fast. Lack of work = lack of fundage = No trip to LA. I would absolutly love to make it out for my bud’s b-day and to meet all the clowns he holds so close. I hope you guys have a great time. Don’t forget to burn some for me. Maybe next year I’ll make it out. Oh and believe me when I tell you that we have plenty of missing link ninja monkeys here in Texas.

  7. 8 dankknuggets July 25, 2007 at 8:12 am

    being racist is cool

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