15 K and running

It seems like this blog has taken up a significant part of my free time, and Stoney’s work time.  However, in perspective we are neophytes in the community.  Pfft.  Whatever, we have our own flavor, and it appears like many of you out there in ReaderLand agree. 

We have only been around for four months, but have already chopped three beloved friends (and family), gone through two slogans, two mascots, and have touched upon such sensitive issues as: adult diapers, presidential canidacy, racism, Jesus, male enhancement, crack, black people, running over pedestrians, and more recently, running over cracked up black pedestrians.  We have made a few friends along the way, and have successfully spread awareness of the Crusade Against Non-Savagery.

There are a few Native American and Pacific tribes that believe when their picture is taken, their soul has also been taken.  Well, we don’t use cameras, but we have stolen your souls, over 15,000 of you.  Today we have just surpassed 15,000 views, and while that may seem meager in comparison with other sites, this has been only a word of mouth forum.  We do not advertise, we only rely on the stregnth (most of the time) of our content; and there is more to come.

I can remember the day Stoney started this bullshit, and I was forced to come on to save it during its infancy.  Since that day, we have become more blogger savvy, and have invited a few other Stonies to join (Suityourself and DankNuggets).  I never thought it would last this long, but we are just hitting our stride readers.  Just wait for reports from the front lines of LA from the StoneyWageSlave reunion in T-minus 6 days.  So crack your beers and spark those bongs Stonies (and all you deputy Stonies), the ship is still afloat.

1 Response to “15 K and running”

  1. 1 stoneywageslave July 11, 2007 at 9:46 am

    excellent self-congratulatory tone


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