Roughty, Lemme See Your Thunder

First off, where the fuck have I been? I’ve been sitting here at work, doing jack shit as usual. Actually, I have been pretty focused on trading lately, options specifically. I like options for a number of reasons…they are more exciting than strictly stocks and there is a definite increased amount of risk, exposure and volatility. Basically, you can make a lot more money a lot faster, or just lose it all a lot faster. I’m getting some fundage for my b-day…and it’s on then, bitches. This might become a trading blog or something.

Smoking Weed


Bitches, I plan to be getting stiz-nizzled all day tomorrow, on the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence from our nancy cousins, the Brits. Today, after much debating and haranguing of all types, I have a doctor’s appointment to get my weed card. I plan on sticking with my guns, going for severe social anxiety, insomnia and chronic migraines. I’ll go directly from there to the weed store. And buy weed. Legally.

Check out the details here, if you don’t believe me.

I think that this is an important breakthrough in the laws of the government. Smoking weed is, by lack of a better word, fucking HARMLESS compared to the ridiculousness of that other favorite American past-time…booze. Now don’t get my wrong, I love some fucking booze. If I had to choose though, I’d have to go with some herbals. There is just nothing like getting blazed up, drinking some juice, eating some chips, and watching TV. Or playing video games, or going to ride your bike. Getting stoned is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world….Steezy!

Anyway, like I was saying, legalizing, or at least decriminalizing the sweet Mary Jane is a fucking CRUCIAL decision. Smoking weed is against federal law, but in the state of California, if you have a doctor’s note, you can buy weed and smoke it in your house, without the fear of being busted. You can even drive around with it in your car, just don’t get busted smoking a blunt. The legalities are QUITE fuzzy, but here’s what I really know. The Attorney General of the state, Jerry Brown, is down with smoking weed. That means, all of DA’s and other government prosecutors have their hands tied in a big way. Their boss, the #1 attorney in the state, does not prosecute weed usage on a personal level. I ain’t sellin the shit, just smoking it. So leave me the fuck alone.

I was going to get into the fact that I am a Democratic Libertarian. But I’m not because I don’t know the real definition for either. I like supporting the people who need help, and I believe that in a huge, capitalized and industrialized society, the government must be large enough and centralized enough to take care of its citizens. Red tape and bureaucracy will obviously exponentially increase with more government, but I think that those institutions should be in place to create a better life for all. In California, there’s a bill that just passed the HoR and is now in the Senate, that would require ALL animals to be spayed or neutered by 4 months, or else pay $500 a pop. Critics are screaming “SOCIALISM” and all this other noise…and that might be true…perhaps we are giving away some personal freedom, in the sake of a larger cause. However, take a trip to the pound with me and look at all the dogs there. They are all on death row. Let’s go talk to all the dogs, then all the cats and hang with them for an hour. Then, let’s go to the next zip code, and do the same thing. Hundreds, millions, gazillions. That’s how many dogs and cats get killed by shelters, because some fucking dumbass won’t neuter their dog, and they are trying to make a quick buck selling puppies, who end up in the pound, or making more unwanted puppies.

Anyway, back to my politics….As much as I believe in institutions and governmental control of certain things, I believe that the opposite is true as well. Want to smoke weed? Fucking A, let’s do it. Why the fuck should anybody tell me what I can and can’t do? I don’t think there should be cocaine stores or crack stores…but shit that grows out of the ground should not be illegal. Opium and poppy seeds create another problem, but my point is….nothing.

I just like to smoke weed (don’t tell me what to do), and I also think that the masses should be controlled through governmental intervention (you have to tell me what to do).

Finally, who the fuck would really vote for Fred Thompson. The guy is a fucking Hollywood joke actor. What a fucking joke, that this guy is a real Presidential candidate. Also, Guliani is a fucking joke too. Fucking asshole, acting like U.S. foreign policy doesn’t breed terrorism. It’s old news, but fuck Guliani and fuck gay ass Fred Thompson. Ridiculous.

Who’s voting for Obama? Not me. The dude is way too young, and doesn’t command respect. Hillary’s got my vote, big time. Bill in the back seat, you know that fool will be calling shots.

Fuck off, everybody.


1 Response to “Roughty, Lemme See Your Thunder”

  1. 1 suityourself July 10, 2007 at 12:09 pm

    good points. i especially like the part about bill calling the shots. how are those migraines and that social anxiety now? i wish i had a personality disorder. always on the outside looking in.

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