Roughty’s Random Weekly Video, Week 5: Monkeys are funny.

Well, Dank commented that I should have saved the dramatic chipmunk for my weekly video this week.  It had crossed my mind, however I had other intentions for the animal world’s master thespian.  That chipmunk is not a random video, his presence is well intentioned and placed within my posts, setting subsequent mood and drama.  I must admit, I have watched that clip almost a hundred times since first seeing it a few days ago, and it will never lose its power over me.  Infinitely hilarious are two words that come to mind.  We have not seen the last of this chipmunk.  For those of you who missed my No touching post, or have not had the pleasure of seeing this chipmunk, here he is.

That will never get old.

As for this week’s video, I am aware that monkeys acting like humans is an overdone theme, however it has been a slow week in the video world.  This is a classic video of a monkey in a South African zoo, enjoy.

The most hilarious part is the fact that Charley has the presence of mind to hide his cigarettes from the zoo keepers.  That doesn’t say much for South Africa’s zoo community.  Plus, Charley has gotten his girlfriend to start smoking; his pimp hand is strong.

1 Response to “Roughty’s Random Weekly Video, Week 5: Monkeys are funny.”

  1. 1 dankknuggets June 22, 2007 at 8:23 pm

    simply another argument for the infinite coolness of smoking.

    can’t you see smokers getting cooler and thinner with every drag?

    i quote, “hey kids. do you want a cigarette?”

    “cigarette, cigarette, ciga-ciga-ciga-ciga cigarette”

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