Roughty’s Random Weekly Video. Week 4: A French savage? Who would have thought?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I underastand it is not Friday, the designated day for my weekly video.  However, I have been indisposed with my sister’s graduation.  As a side note, Colin Powell was the speaker at her graduation, and surprisingly, he was quite funny.

So I will amend my slacking by posting my weekly video a bit late.  This is of a French rugby player named, Sebastien Chabal.  France’s rugby team is shit, however with this guy on the team, I am surprised the opponents don’t forfeit out of fear for their lives.  If for some reason my ninja powers failed me, I would definately hire Sebastien as my bodyguard.  There is no bullshitting with this guy, he is out for blood.

I saw this video at the end of last week, but today I learned that the second guy Sebastien demolishes broke his jaw, and just had surgery to wire it shut.  He is now eating out of a straw.  Savage.  Goddamn rugby is awesome.  Kick his ass, Sea Bass.


1 Response to “Roughty’s Random Weekly Video. Week 4: A French savage? Who would have thought?”

  1. 1 suityourself June 21, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    wow. he doesn’t even look like a nice guy. wonder where the fuck he broke out from. that guy belongs in the damned nuthouse. the worst is when that first guy tries to stand up and then just crumples, like apollo creed.

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