Blast from the past….bitches

Sorry for the sabbatical readers, however I had my sister’s graduation to attend.  See also: drunkeness.  She is the last of the Roughton clan to emerge from the depths of high school, and will be joining me in my city at the end of the summer.

I have been preparing for a move, and while gathering up all the extraneous bullshit that encompasses my life, I stumbled upon an unlabeled CD that I had stowed away some time ago.  With no idea what the digital contents were, I thought to myself, “Well, only one way to find out.”  So, I popped it into my computer and was amazed at what I found.  These were photos taken in seemingly an ancient time, the time of Williamsburg.  The photos chronicle a special time, and portray many budding savages.

Some of you may remember this time as the time the Red Sox were down 3-0 to the Yankees in the ALCS.  This was a time when Red Sox fans were coming out of the woodwork, those fairweather jackasses who cannot call themselves fans.  9/11/01, 12/7/41?  Please, this was the day of infamy.  The date: October 13, 2004.  The places: 1420A and Paul’s Deli.  The occasion: the last horse – your humble narrator – crosses the finish line into legal drinking age.  However, this occasion was the Queen of England of birthdays, merely a ceremonial position, seeing as I had been boozing quite steadily for a while.  Yet, it still must be celebrated in full pomp and pride.

Stoney had a post earlier where he showed himself living it up in Venice Beach.  Dank, the undisputed champ of blog self-portraits, has posted images of himself ranging from presidential candidate to Slim-Jim spokesman.  Furthermore, Suit has shown his fly-fishing prowess on many occasions.  I have yet to unveil my image upon this shitstem, so I will signal this as a new era out from under the mask.  All Stonies are here in this photo array, along with some cameos from a beloved past.  Let’s get the ball running with the original American Badass; Party Marty.


Stoney posted about Party Marty at an earlier date.  All his musings are true; this man was our neighbor and instructor on how to lead a life of savagery.  His greatest super power is the ability to summon the “Rebel Yell” at will.


Here I am, freshly 21, and only mere hours away from utter obliteration.  If I remember correctly, my 21st birthday weekend was the weekend of one of my more memorable arrests.  As I was be-bopping down the street after a night of boozing, a cop pulled me over – while I was walking.  Upon his request for a breath-a-lyzer test he took umberage to my response of, “Kiss my ass, I’m not taking a fucking breath-a-lyzer.”  See also: Stoney picking me up from jail in the morning.


The gang’s all here.  All Stonies, the greasy, marinara blooded WOP Falk, and Win, shortly before he urinates on that couch for the umpteenth time.


Stoney says: “Commence drunkeness”


Dank bursting every capillary in his body in anticipation for another Red Sox game.


The Stonies, sans Suit, with two more timeless cameos.  DNattyRasta, my boy always, but had many run-ins with the other Stonies.  See also: short bags.  DNatty is the infamous man who called Stoney a cracker in our own home.  Hilarious.

Then there’s Raf, the Morrocan refugee.  Once he completed his mission – move to America and impregnate one of our women – he was a little lost. 



On the left is Gabe Twose, an original Y2S member.  See also: fake british accent, and hooking up with an unnatural amount of ladies.  And Stoney is, well….stoned.  It’s not just a clever name people.



A rare image of all the Stonies together.  From left to right:  DankNuggets: sensitive hermit savage, Roughty: curly Irish savage, Stoney: west coast savage, SuitYourself: Jesus look-a-like savage.  The amount of man-prettiness here is staggering.  Form an orderly line ladies.


Here we find the fruit of Rugged Ron’s loins, Falk, studying another delicious nectar that is Budweiser.  This is the creator of, “The Age Old Struggle of Savagery vs. Non-Savagery”, not a periodical to be missed. 


For any 21st birthday to be successful, you must be in this position at some point.  Suit is ordering me a beer.  That’s how he orders beer ladies and gentlemen, don’t question.  See also: Savage beer ordering scowl.



This lovely lady was on hand to wish me a happy birthday.  She was a regular denizen of Paul’s Deli, and we had drinks on many occasion.  But, what the fuck was her name?  Note, Dan Marino’s approving gaze from the picture in the rear.



Falk, in all his glory.  Lego my dago.


Back at 1420A, Stoney and former StoneyWageSlave member, HouseParty unwind before another session.


And there you have it; savagery incarnate.  Suit rolling up in a frisbee. 

Nostalgia is fun isn’t it?  I know readers, this was mostly for the Stoney crew, a little trip down memory lane for us.  Back when hair was a few inches longer, and waistlines were a few inches shorter.

3 Responses to “Blast from the past….bitches”

  1. 1 stoneywageslave June 19, 2007 at 12:47 pm

    holy fuck i am so goddamn sexy

  2. 2 twitch June 21, 2007 at 9:51 am

    nice hair Stones, but i feel you look better with the mask on.

  3. 3 suityourself June 21, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    jesus christ roughty. jesus christ. i never thought i’d have to see that head of hair again. those are the days of “brownilocks.” i dragged that hair through many a white powdery train, and stoney got pissed every time. for some reason, some of the pics were incomplete — like my memory of that evening. just the same, priceless. dwizzle fro shizzle is a guy i’d like to see again. wish i could see falkkkkk. edit these pics, slacker. drinking time is over.

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