i am forced to assume…

… that you gentlemen were not amused by my tale of the public masterbation i witnessed on tuesday.  because of this, i am forced to revert to a more base discussion on this worthless friday.

savagery roll call:

Savage Garden?

are you kidding me?  nothing savage about that garden.

now, for a savage garden, i recommend the garden of sound — sound garden.

those guys have savage written all over their pasty white, drugged out faces.

 Nathaniel Mayer Savage?

i don’t know the man personally, but i’d guess he’s a truly savage Savage.  any black guy who could afford a suit in the days of black and white photography must be.

how about a sure savage thing?

The Macho Man Randy Savage?

look at those threads…

snap into a true Savage.

alright, on another note, by popular demand, i’m going to post some more fishing pics for you city slickers who’ve never seen the country before.

these were taken on father’s day.  i hope you all called your dads yesterday.  my dad and i fished all afternoon, and it was as great as fishing is every weekend.  i won’t reveal my father’s identity, so i must post only a close-up of his big bluegill. 

posting apparently doesn’t work anymore, so i’ll link instead.


 and here’s suityourself holding a really nice bream.


on a totally unrelated note, do you ever want to kill your boss?  i mean, not just in passing.  have you ever spent like 30 minutes of work time thinking about how you might be able to get away with it?  (DISCLAIMER FOR THE F.B.I. — I WOULD NEVER KILL MY BOSS.)  well, i think about this all the time.  so, is this a problem?  i never thought so, but today i started feeling a little crazy about this.  i don’t want to end up like stoney’s boy c. bale in amer. psycho.  that is not a good way to go.

finally, roughty, keep your eyes on the standings.  braves trail by 1.5 games and are coming on strong.  just you wait.

last but not least, here’s some real music for all of you who are frustrated by stoney’s poor taste in music.  fratellis blow after all.  we can all agree on that.  except for those little kids playing guit and mandolin on their couch, stoney has contributed no good music in quite a little while.  here’s a little band from idaho called built to spill. 

here’s a link to their site.  click it and listen to some of their other ass kicking songs.


they’ve been around.  i found out about them from some nerd in china, but they are the best rock band playing right now. 

i wish i was smart enough to post a youtube video, but i am not.  for now, here’s a shortcut to one of the newer vids.  you will note the led zeppelinian intro to the video…




1 Response to “i am forced to assume…”

  1. 1 colon farrel June 19, 2007 at 8:38 am

    its not friday yet

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