Animal Holocaust – You Can Help

First off, in a previous post about my new dog’s large V, I prematurely called her “BooBoo,” because that was her name at that point. However, BooBoo was just too generic, and didn’t bring out the things we wanted it too. 

My new dog’s name is Turbo Dinosaur. Chompy Dinosaur is her older sister, and because they are sisters, they should have the same last name. Turbo just worked as a name too, for some reason, so there you have it. Turbo Dinosaur, bitches.

Turbo is not a perfect girl. Her main problem right now is that she takes a piss in the house about every 15 minutes if we don’t take her out. If we go to the store or get something to eat for an hour, she doesn’t piss, but if we are both here, she has to go to the bathroom about every 15 minutes. Last night was rough for me, I was literally about to lose my shit because I had a headache and was exhausted, and Turbo kept taking a piss in the house. After the millionth time, I quit cleaning it up, and just laid down in bed in total defeat. It was a sad sight, no doubt, that I lost my cool over an abused dog’s ability to hold her own piss, when she’s been abused and neglected for her whole life.

I made up for it today by taking her out the second I thought she was ready. I also cleaned the fuck out of my house, trying to build a framework for keeping our shit together with 2 pretty big dogs in the tiniest apartment I have ever lived in. Tiny. Possibly less than 400 square feet when it’s all said and done, definitely under 500. 

What’s the moral of the story? Nothing really, I was just bored and wanted to talk about my new dog. Last night I was ready to take her back to the pound, but this morning, after having a good time with her all morning, and taking her to the dog park, and watching how much fun she is having, I feel a lot better about the whole thing. 

Chompy and Turbo scrap in the house, mostly because Turbo tries to hump on Chompy’s business, and tries to dig a hole in her back when Chomp is sleeping.

Going back to the whole pissing in the house thing, I think progress will be made for a couple of reasons. First of all, I can’t live with a dog that is pissing in the house that much, just because I would have a freak out and kill it. So there is an inevitability factor. Second, she doesn’t take shits in the house, so it’s not like the dog is an uncontrollable force of nature, that just wants to defecate all over the fucking place with no regard. I believe she does have some regard, if you want to go there, so it makes me feel positively about her future. Thirdly, she’s a smart girl, and we are already making progress. She is learning how to tell me when she needs to go out, and I am learning how to respond. 

To sum up, I now have 2 dogs I got from the dog shelter in Santa Monica. I highly recommend to anyone who likes animals, that if you are even remotely considering getting a new dog or cat, to go to the shelter. Once you are there, those inklings that you felt will turn into something different, and you should be able to find a dog or cat that you connect with, and you will have the chance to SAVE a living animal’s life, to bring it out of a hole of nothingness. There is no reason for the Animal Holocaust which is occurring every day in thousands of shelters across the country. This is the U.S.A., bitches, and we should take care of our comrades, even if they aren’t the same species.



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