Roughty’s Random Weekly Video: Week 3, The Easter Bunny Hates You

Yeah, I know.  I have been absent from this blog for the whole week.  However, if you want to talk shit then I shall refer you to this,  fuck off.  I always love when mythical creatures are brought to life.  Especially when they kick ass.  I just got home from a free show, and I am wasted.  I wish I can write something witty, however I am way too fucked up.  But, kudos to a free Keller Williams show, and kudos to my friends for being dead sexy. 

By the way, somebody should murder the Easter Bunny.  He’s the only mammal that can get away with hiding eggs in your house.  If you don’t find them in a timely manner, then you are subject to an ass smelling house for the whole year.  But after seeing his extracurricular activities, I am not sure I want to fuck with him.  The Easter bunny hates you, and I hate you too.

Day after note:  Upon viewing this again I must say that putting someone in the sleeper hold in the middle of Times Square is infinitely awesome.


2 Responses to “Roughty’s Random Weekly Video: Week 3, The Easter Bunny Hates You”

  1. 1 dankknuggets June 8, 2007 at 11:47 pm

    savage post brother, funny as always.

    i find my attention short for video, but the post’s added visual stimulation strengthens the already tour de force that is and always is in your postings.

    six days until the partnering.

    well, five if one wants to be gay about it since its technically saturday.

  2. 2 Roughty June 9, 2007 at 9:29 am

    So, I just got home from a miserable shift at work. Apparently my body recoiled in horror from the amount of whisky I guzzled with Mr Met last night.

    I have absolutely ZERO recollection of posting this.

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