Look how far we have come

As we enter month four of this bullshit, I decided to look back at some of the posts from our initial days.  I could only laugh when I looked at the posts from when it was only Stoney and I writing, before some came in, and some got chopped.  However, I noticed that they were a good base for what was to come, and the other writers entered the fray with ease. 

Sadly, these initial posts have been lost to digital oblivion.  With new readers coming to view our brain dump everyday, these posts have become the discarded children of StoneyWageSlave.  However, I believe it’s time we revisit our roots.  Below, I have put up the original writings of the Stonies.

Stoney- Racism is schism on a serious tint  How should I alter my mind at work today?  My forefather would be proud of me

Roughty- Shameless advertising  What happened?  No TP? No problem

SuitYourself-  Virginia is for garbage mountains  Most savage roll call

Enjoy our humble beginnings.

P.S.  Sorry Dank, you have not been included here.  Due to your hermit status you did not join until we were well established.


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