The Strokes: A Dedication

I like my music. Roughty likes posting asinine, stupid videos. Here is an asinine, stupid video about music I like.

The Strokes are one of the defining bands of this generation. Period. Is This It? came out in 2001, and it was fucking nasty. Whether or not you like the strokes, or how they look and shit, you cannot deny the beats and the tunes. It’s like trying to deny Al Green or something, it just cannot be done, all matters of taste and opinion aside. If you are alive and listen to music, you cannot deny the strokes.

Watch this video of Jules, the lead singer. Jules is a fucking savage pimp, and all indie-hipsters who claim such recognition and categorization owe a large percentage of their self-identity and worth to this biotch. Fucking savage.

I would like to note a few things from this video. I only watched it once, and I’m at work, so I’ll try to paraphrase, and keep it fuzzy.

1. Note Jules’ excessive inebriation. He can barely speak. If I had to guess, he is real fucked up on a variety of drugs, which I won’t even try to put my finger on, because my guess is, it’s probably a lot worse than it looks. This guy is a fucking rockstar, and he is totally whacked out of his mind.

2. Note Blu-Blocker sunglasses. No coked-out, fucked up interview would be possible without the strongest, and biggest black UVA-blocking glasses on the market. In the general sense, I apply a simple rule for identifying when rockers are fucked up. The bigger the sunglasses, the more they are hiding. If you are wearing bright yellow, tiny trendy glasses to the show, then you are not hiding hideous, glaring red eyeballs with a black eye to boot. Jules is fucked up, and very much so. Rocker.

3. The guy asks Jules, “Remember that time when you put out Room on Fire, was it really just this huge whirlwind of drugs, booze and sex? Like they say it is? Was it really like that?” Jules goes, “Uhhhh ya.” Period. He’s not bragging about it. He hasn’t slept in days….”remember the good old days when you were a rockstar?”….uhhh you mean like what I did last night and what I’m doing tonight and the night after that? Ya I remember that, it’s called rock and roll, and that’s why you are a reporter, and I’m the star. Next question.

Anyway, I could keep going, but I won’t. This video is dedicated to Roughty, who loves the strokes more than me, and introduced me to this most excellent band.

Julian Casablancas = Savage

Also note, video is in French, excessive use of over-used clips of over-used songs, and again, how fucking wasted is Jules?

Again…am I a rockstar blogger? I like to think so.


2 Responses to “The Strokes: A Dedication”

  1. 1 Roughty May 29, 2007 at 7:56 am

    the strokes are infinitely weak, and i in no way condone their assualt upon my auditory sense.

  2. 2 dankknuggets May 31, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    savage clip of the savage life.

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