Mikey the Grease

There was once a mythical young man named Mikey. Mikey Thrall. Mikey was a giant of unknown proportions, both in body and deed.

Once, there was a huge monster ravaging the woods of a true gem of history, culture and excellence. There was a town of Williamsburg, in the olden state of Virginia. When the pretty college lights dimmed, dark in the night, you could sometimes hear a huge thunder, a monstrous monstrosity who had never been seen.

What the people of the town did see, though, was a lot of people go missing if they went walking in the woods late at night. One night, Jimmy John Johannson (there was a small Swedish population in the town), went out to go midnight catfishing, taking a trail through the woods, and he never came back. Ever.

Another time, Sarah Jo Peasely went to visit her grandmother, who lived in the town next door to Williamsburg, Newport News. Grandma Peasely liked for Sarah Jo to stay late, but never let her stay over, so Sarah Jo would always have to walk back in the middle of the night, all alone and stinking like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Well one day, SHE NEVER GOT HOME.

People in the area started to realize that people who walked around late at night, in the woods between Williamsburg and Newport News, that they would sometimes never come home. At first, people in the town didn’t realize that anybody who went to the woods at night never came back, but then, all the sudden at a joint town meeting, they DID realize it!

The old people in the townhouse decided to call upon Mikey Thrall, the great conqueror of Mythical Proportions. They found Mikey living at his dad Marty’s house, lying on the couch and playing video games. Mikey would often lie around, and do nothing, in order to save his strength for his feats of daring and wonder.

“Mikey, the old people from the town are here! Get off your ass and get your shoes on, they need your help.”

Mikey got up slowly and unsurely; the night before he had stayed up late playing video games and smoking resin. Mikey put on his greasy shoes and plodded out the door. The old people from the town told him that there was a monster or something in the woods, hiding out and eating people, or at least taking them away. Mikey was kind of shocked, but then decided he would help out.

Mikey went inside back into Marty’s house, and grabbed his Super Paintball Gun with Exploding Acid that his mom had bought him at Wal-Mart. Then, he put on his best Battle T-Shirt that his grandma gave him for Christmas the year before, and that he always wore on days like this, when his fellow townspeople really need his help, and he was there for them. Then finally, he put on the hat that his dad had given him for safety protection….the Brown Hat of Safety.

Mikey went out into the woods with all his gear on, and that day, he emerged triumphant.



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