I must interject that a debate over the more savage cartoon character is absurd.  Cartoons are inherently savage.  They are born savage.  Their savagery is beyond the scope of human imagination. Though we try to understand the few episodes in their eternal life that we are privy to, the scope of their savage nature  cannot be measured or examined in human terms, or as radical toon political organizations hell bent on human destruction have come to call us-“Five Fingers”.    I will hereto list a few additions to our humble appreciation of their mercy on our weak mortal lives.


 Feared Enforcer


Treasurer and Captain of Industry

Controls 91% of World’s Bullion


Secret Police

Power born of the Secret of the Ooze


Secretary and Deputy of the Department of Agriculture


Attorney General and Postmaster General

Wiley E. honed his skills in law with many multi-million dollar suits against the now defunct Acme Corporation.  And, well, “meep, meep”


Toon Youth

The Best and Brightest and Purest




Respect the Immortals!


1 Response to “Savage”

  1. 1 Roughty May 25, 2007 at 4:43 pm

    I love it Dank. Especially “acquisitions”. I smell a pic-a-nic basket.

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