New venture! Roughty’s Random Weekly Video. This week: George Washinton

I thought I would shake things up a little here at StoneyWageSlave and implement a weekly post; Roughty’s Random Weekly Video.  This may not be new to readers who frequent the internet, but on this fledgling site, it’s sliced bread, the bee’s knees, and the cat’s pajamas all rolled into one.

Shortly after Al Gore invented the internet, man discovered it was a great forum for videos of extreme absurdity or hilarity, that would not genereally reach the world’s population.  I will try to do these amateur videographers justice with this weekly post.  Seeing as this is the inaugural edition, I find it quite appropriate to use it to glorify our first president.

I will be putting these up on a weekly basis (obviously) every Friday.  Why Friday you ask?  Because I say it’s the end of the week, and that’s all you need to concern yourself with.

He’ll save children, but not the British children.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  All Stonies are welcome to join in this venture.  I will happily take any video suggestions from you guys.


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