Manny, the Greatest Blazed Hitter Ever to Walk the Face of the Earth?

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my dear friends,

after viewing a red sox shallacking of the braves in the series this weekend (i think i have an itch for filet mignon) i must completely disagree with Suit’s wild claim of Turner Broadcasting’ superior coverage.

Everyone knows, Fox has the ultimate coverage, it only lacks in its bias. the velvety peanut butter voice is pleasant, but joe fuck is the biggest hater in all of sports broadcasting, except for tony kornheiser and his ignorant exultations on monday night football last year.

Secondly, the best camera angles are at yankees stadium. locating a pitch on TBS is like standing in the left field bleacher with heavy sixth innning beer goggles, looking through a concave lens. Unfortunatley, i have to say the Spankees have the best camera angle.

Thirdly and Finally, I must say Sunday Night Baseball with Joe Morgan and the other guy are unequivocally the least biased commentators, some of the most knowledgeable, specifically joe, and always maintain interest in even the most lopsided games by making numerous funnies.

Subjectively, I have to say that Red Sox fans have the most knowledgeable fans, me being somewhat of an ignoramus despite my infinite baseball wisdom, but i have to say the best fans in the mlb are any of those romantically optimistic royals fans. i mean c’mon, anyone who can deal with 130 losses is a hero in my book . in addition, any person brave enough to wear a brewers (which i assure you their early good fortune is only a cruel ruse by the baseball gods), pirates, nationals, devil rays or any team in the NL West hat are extended this same pity.

As for mets and braves, i will have to be objective on this one. going to shea stadium for my first mlb game when i was ten, and missing HOJO’s foul ball because of my nachos and dad’s beers on my lap, unwilling to suffer the wrath of spilling untouched beers, made me a local mets fan. But, the braves of course, were so exciting to watch in my adolescence i grew fond of them as well. the braves are winners, but i do not think the team right now is capable to deal with some of the american leagization of the pitiful national league. they are still very young and are building a franchise again. i don’t think TBS is doing well, because lets face it, they show friends 24 hours a day.

the mets however, are losers here in the tri-state area. even if they won a 125 games this year, they will always be viewed as second rate. perception is powerful and it has affected all the red-headed stepchildren of ny sports franchises.

jets: need i say more? joe namath, yes, but kevin arnold is the only person able to pull of wearing any jets gear.

devils: couldn’t even sell out playoff games

nets: who?

they’ve got they’re rebellious years, but you can almost always count on them to fall in line.

this said, one must weigh the choke factor with the little engine that could mentality. if they are playing for NLCS, i have to say this year, Go Amazing Metropolitans. Pedro is my man.

in closing i must say, suit, redskins have no chance. trail of tears for you, injun.

one final thought:


3 Responses to “Manny, the Greatest Blazed Hitter Ever to Walk the Face of the Earth?”

  1. 1 Roughty May 22, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    Apparently, his Dankness is not familiar with blogging protocol here at SWS. No first names used bitch. There is some sensitive material published here, and we must try to keep the anonimity of the writers as best we can. Joe Morgan and Miller are however, the best broadcasting team in baseball.

  2. 2 dankknuggets May 22, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    duly noted

  3. 3 stoneywageslave May 23, 2007 at 9:24 am

    fuck the sox

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