A Month To Go

Apparently I have about a month before I get fired. This is all very wishywashy, but my bossman does usually know what’s going to happen before it does. In conclusion, I would probably be a lot happier at another job, and I welcome the prospect, despite the necessary pain and shittiness of busting my ass for a new job.

What would I do if I got fired right now?

1. Send out resumes to different people to get a white collar job.

2. Work for my upstairs neighbor as a mover until I get a regular, panty waist of a job like I have now.

Considering I have a “month to go,” I think it would probably be wise for me to get a little job search going pre-emptively. I might even be able to quit, wouldn’t that be nice?

Fuck off Bossman. As soon as I quit or get a new job, I will probably start ripping on the people who work here and the scams that are going on, maybe cause a little ruckus. Fact is, I know a little more about the internet than I used to, and I could probably get some shit done to fuck up this place, although I would also have to toe a very fine line between truth, fiction and exposing this shitstem.

So for now, I can only dream about one thing. I want a weed card. I got my driver’s license last week, and I’m still waiting on it in the mail. As soon as I get it, I’m going to go to the doctor and get diagnosed with social anxiety, and then go to the weed store and buy some chrodiggidy.

Why haven’t I been writing? I am unmotivated by the lack of love we get on this blog. I’m not talking about pageviews or anything like that either. I think that we spread the word enough around the inner circle, and people just kind of stopped coming. Part of the problem is that we are inconsistent in our postings. Guess what? It will never be consistent, because an online journal geared towards pleasing people I don’t know for free does not constitute any part of my grand life plans. In my opinion, this blog’s glory days were back when we had 5 writers, me, Deddog, Haganav, Suit and Roughty. Everybody started slacking, and then it was up to just me and Roughty.

I have heard a lot of bitching about the variety. Some people like this person, don’t like that person, whatever. Guess what, bitches? Who fucking cares what you think? Instead of whining about not liking a particular author or blabla, why don’t you start your own blog, so I can not link to it?

I have also been talking with Roughty about starting a blogroll. I have come to the same conclusion. FUCK YOU, FUCKING GAY ASS BLOGROLL. I hate about 99% of the world. Why the fuck do I want to peddle to their desires and needs, so my little page view chart goes up? I don’t think so. It makes me feel sad that I hate so many people, and “do I really hate everybody” blablabla. The fact is, YES, I DO HATE EVERYBODY. Fuck off. If I know you and I like you, it will be very evident by the way I act. Maybe I’m just trying to be “cool,” but not really. If I wanted to be cool, I would gel my hair, buy some cool clothes, and go to a bar with expensive drinks and talk about “film.”

At the end of the day, and this post, I am supremely happy about one thing. DankNuggets, you are my homie, and you are a savage. Your Presidential Bid was classic, and this blog’s worth just doubled, despite the fact that we only increased authorship by 50%. Dank, Salute….you’ve got my vote big time, just as long as they start having cigarette machines in the cafeterias again.


1 Response to “A Month To Go”

  1. 1 suityourself May 22, 2007 at 11:31 am

    hey dude, i have been long absent — working and fishing taking their toll on my participation. i hope everything is ok with this situation and wish you’d give me a call. peace out for the minute.

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