They are the Diamonds, they’re here to play football.

This is a video from 1986, who would have ever guessed?  The Diamonds cash in then surpass the Bears’ wildly successful, “Super Bowl Shuffle”.  We always know where we stand with these men.  They tell us how it is; they are the Diamonds, they’re from Glasgow, and they’re here to play football.  Football is their game.  How simpler can it be?

Apparently, all football players from Glasgow are required to sport sinister moustaches, and must live by all 1980’s American fads.  I would also like to note that the Diamonds’ running back has achieved the ability to execute the perfect spin move, leaving all defenders dazzled yet embarassed.  This guy is giving my Madden 07 character a real battle for spin move supremacy.

The Diamonds is a tough name for your team.  I’m surprised there haven’t been any NFL owners who give their squad this name.  I am sure a lucrative deal with the DeBeers people is just waiting to be struck.  Kudos to the Diamonds for now topping my list of “Most Bling Team Names”.  A check is in the mail, direct to Glasgow for your efforts.


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