This story about Britney Spears might sum up my life

Let me tell you a little story about what just happened.

On Friday, my bossman told me that BS was coming to town. I went home, but the tix for the Sunset HOB show were sold out, so I bought the Anaheim tix instead. My special lady bought them bc I was broke. It was pretty serious, her giving me $250 so I could by BS tickets. Think about it.

On Saturday, I came to WORK and did a little editing, etc, to get the tix in order, and to see if I could get my bank account set up on ebay. I couldn’t. So we set up Lady T with an ebay name, paypal, get her bank account hooked up to paypal, etc.

On Sunday, we try to list tix on ebay. It didn’t work. Because we had just set up the account the day before, there were TONS of restrictions on how long your auction has to be, who you can message, and all this other shit. It was fucking gay.

On Monday, I was like fuck it, I’m putting it on Craigslist. The first offer I got was $300 for 2. I said $400. That happened like twice, then the ask price dropped to $200 for 2. Then, I started saying $300. By the end of the night, people were trying to pay $50 a ticket, which is how much they cost after ticketmaster got done raping me. Then, Perez Hilton reported that the secret shows were cancelled, and all the bidding on ebay stopped, and there were tons of sellers on Craiglist. Worst.

On Tuesday, I got my ma-dukes to put them up on her ebay name shitstem. After excessive frustration, the tickets went up. One ticket was sold for $100.

Last night, on Tuesday, BS played her first gay show at San Diego. She played 5 songs. 5.

Today, I put the tix up on craiglist again, and got a late buyer. Dude wants to pay 400 for 4, 100 a ticket. Sold! I’m supposed to meet this flamer outside my work in like 2 hours. I hope he comes through.

What did I do? Someone else gave me an insider tip, and I stupidly gambled a decent amount of money, and rode the entire roller coaster of emotional investing. In addition, I was betting on a fucking whorebag waste of space, Britney Spears. Where did I go wrong? My impulsive nature took control of my emotions, and I convinced (connived?) my old lady into fronting me some dough to get a rush. In the end, I’ll double the money, which will help for rent.

One of my major questions in determining if something was worth it or not is by asking, “Would I have paid X amount to go through that?” (Props to Lady T for the philosophy)

I had a part-time job for a week, and I would have been making about $200 a week. Very boring. In the end, I would have PAID $200 to not have to go to work and put up with that lady and boring shit. I quit immediately after I figured that out.

In this case, would I have paid $250 to not have to deal with this hassle? NO

I think $250 is a good amount of money to put up with some online bullshit and haggling. The tricky part is justifying the use of my girlfriend’s money, but that is neither here nor there. Also, big props to my mom for helping me out with my bullshit. This whole episode confirmed a bunch of negative personality traits, in that I was rewarded 100% after 1) impulsive decision-making 2) gambling on something very risky and very stupid 3) assuming major profit 4) not having shit set up in advance before I dive in (ebay accounts, etc) and 5) just generally not taking care of my shit, waiting until the last minute and doing a half-ass job.

Meeting with buyer happens in approximately 1 1/2 hours. If it goes through, I will have made 250$, doubling my investment on Britney Spears. Praise Jesus and George Bush.


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