Another 420 Post (brought to you by no. 1 style-biter)

Well, thanks to the Wage Slave for his insightful comments about the holiday.  it seems as though everybody around my part of the world is enjoying the holiday.  at class this morning, everybody and their brother was wearing sunglasses.  as i stood at the podium lecturing, i couldn’t help laughing at the assholes in the back row falling asleep.  i wanted to tell them, “oh, i been there,” but i didn’t have the heart to let them know that i knew what was up.  it’s probably better if they think i don’t smoke every single day of my existence.

some people are freaking out.  they think that since it’s a drug holiday and Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine massacre (remember that?) and so close to the most recent tragedy that some shit is going to hit the fan…  i don’t know.  maybe… maybe not, too.  some asshole called in a threat the other day, but nobody even left campus.  it was, without a doubt, the most bogus threat we’ve had in quite a while.

well, my sessions have become shorter and more boring these days than ever before.  in the past, the boys and i would get together and roll like ten blunts like those depicted in stoney’s post.  we’d set there and burn them until we could hardly move, wait about five minutes and do it all over again.  frequently, these sessions would last until 3 or 4 am (and we didn’t even do blow).  looking back, from what i can remember of those times (which admittedly ain’t much), we really didn’t appreciate them like we should have.  i was always bitching because i just knew i had somehow gotten shorted by someone during the process.  For instance, i can’t remember how many times i said, “come on, man, pitch another nug for the el.”  i can’t remember, but it was a lot.  also, there were lots of times when danknuggets was mad at stoney or stoney was mad at danknuggets, and we would start burning, and all the passive aggressive comments would start, and eventually everyone was stoned and pissed…  not a good combo.

just the same, at least we were all chilling together.  nowadays, i smoke alone.  about half a j per night in my back yard…  then i watch baseball or cartoons…  then read maybe 10 pages… then go to sleep.  it’s rare that i talk to anyone after burning, and i miss those times when we would all set around and shoot the shit for hours and hours.  i’d like to think that if we all got together again, we’d be mature enough to keep our shit together and have fun rather than bitching at each other the whole time…  who knows?

anyway, today is a day to look back on the past and look forward to the future.  maybe in 420s to come, we’ll all be rich enough to ride our pegasuses (or is it pegasii) to each other’s houses and smoke blunt after blunt like the old days.  maybe the powers that be will eventually…

…legalize it…  but who knows?

all i know for sure is that tonight won’t be a usual 420 for me.  i’m going all out.  as follows is my plan for the evening:

1.  Dick around here until 7.

2.  Administer a final exam.

3.  Go home, take a shower, roll 2 blunts.

4.  Hop in the honda, light a blunt and drive around on several blaze routes until blunt #1 is gone.

5.  Go to the bar.

6.  Buy drinks, get drunk and start talking to random strangers.

7.  Walk away from my ladyfriend and start trying to mack some marine’s g.f.

8.  Get my ass beat.

9.  Smoke blunt #2 until i stop crying.

oh yeah, i defy you high rollers and west coast fakers to top that!!

OK, in the spirit of Stoney’s post, here’s my list of most savage weed songs:

#1 — Who’s got the herb? (311)

#2 — Kaya (Bob Marley) [in memory of danknuggets’ soon to be chopped ass]

#3 — Tumbleweed (Afroman)

#4 — Weed Song (Bone Thugs -n- Harmony)

#5 — Mary Jane (Rick James[bitch])

Ok, that’s enough pictures.  I don’t want Stoney to get jealous of my page views and kick me the fuck out again 🙂

but lookie here what i got for ya… 

nice trout from New Year's Day

this is me holding a fish i caught in the conway river on new years day.


this is the scoreboard at wrigley field in chicago.  i saw them get spanked by the astros last week.


jason marquis is an ex-brave.  that’s how come he got onto the blog.


this is my father fighting a trout on the tuckaseegee river in old cacalacky.


WHO THE FUCK IS THAT GUY?! … wait for it…


WHOA!  no name-dropping.  just a visual shout-out!

OK, so i hope this post doesn’t make you bored, but if it does, just read about grundels and pegasii until you feel better… 

hope nobody gets arrested tonight!


This guy is honoring the holiday correctly.  Bob knows whats up.

By the way, do they pump crazy air into that studio?  I never understood why people go batshit insane on that show.  However, if I got on “The Price is Right”, I would probably go total ape shit.


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