420 = Weed

Today is the infamous 420. Rumors abound as to how this fine day came to be a stoner holiday, but the fact is, most kids today know what’s up with 420, even if they aren’t smoking.

My weed mentor: Danknuggets aka Smoke Dog


Weed students: Deddog, Haganav

Love at first squinty-sight: Blunts


Current method: Gliznass


Current stash: Zip!


Current partner in crime: Lady T

Time elapsed since last session: approx 5 hours

Notable weedebrities: any musician ever


Notable favorite weed movies: Half Baked, How High, Brad Pitt in True Romance, Lock Stock 2 Loaded Barrels


First time I ever smoked: Junior year high school, after National Championship soccer game. Toasty!

Favorite weed past time: playing guitar


Current weed past time: watching movies

Person I want to smoke with the most: Bill Clinton


Worst portrayal of weed in my short memory bank: Requiem for a Dream, acting like weed leads to heroin addiction

Best part about weed: Being stoned



2 Responses to “420 = Weed”

  1. 1 twitch September 5, 2007 at 3:45 pm

    abba zabba you’re my only friend

  2. 2 writerpro25 June 28, 2010 at 3:28 am

    That is a cute bong. I think you are right though. Every single young person out there knows that on 420 millions of people light up and blaze. http://stonerdiary.wordpress.com

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