Is Gun Control the Answer?

i will start by saying that i am not sure.  it would be nice to say, “yeah, if we take away guns, nobody else will get massacred.”  the problem is that this is not true…

below, i will depict several reasons why…

these are just a few examples i thought of.  you’ll note that the latter can be created out of rude materials and a little determination.

 my only point, and it’s already been made, and it’s terribly weak — taking away the guns won’t take away psycho-ass crazy fucks. 

another point — while everyone is sensitive when it comes to issues of political correctness, it’s important to remember why our guaranteed rights are so important.  an example is the patriot act…  remember after 911 when everyone was so scared?  well, that fear led americans to allow donald rums. and his stooges to change the law and give the government access to pretty much any info. they want — about any of us.  we’ve killed terrorists and bombed the shit out of some places, and the government still has the right to figure out what sites i go to, what books i read and what phone numbers i call (just to name a few).  at what point will that right be revoked?!  never.  they got it, and they won’t give it back no matter what, even if we eventually get bin laden… (which we won’t).

my point is that it’s important to be ruled by logic and not by fear.  if you’re scared, you tend to act irrationally.  sure, nobody wants to get shot.  it wouldn’t be any fun at all.  but that doesn’t mean gun control needs to be changed.  how long has it been since something like this happened?  forever, right?  yeah, forever.  people are freaked out, but if we act on our emotions now, we’ll do something that can’t be undone.  we need to let the dust settle, and then examine what we need to change.

for what it’s worth, my opinion is that kids are too fucked up now a days because they never talk to anyone but their own fucked up selves.  nobody goes out and plays with the neighbors anymore, so no one knows how to socialize.  did you see that crazy ass video the kid made?   what a fucking tool box.  the kid didn’t know how to go through life like a regular person, so he went nuts.  this is turning into a ramble… but the point is, his access to the guns was only one of the problems and, in my opinion, not the biggest or most important.

 what do you think?

this post is not funny.  so i need to add something that will make it funny and will lure tons of unsuspecting googlers to my post…  here goes, in honor if Stoney’s High and Tight post…

buzzwords:  Vanilla Ice, High and Tight, and (oh what the hell) Sid Vicious RULES!!!  haha, enjoy Stoney


2 Responses to “Is Gun Control the Answer?”

  1. 1 suityourself April 19, 2007 at 8:22 am

    damn, i just realized that this shit is not funny at all… oh well. time to edit.

  2. 2 stoneywageslave April 19, 2007 at 8:25 am

    i agree that we shouldn’t rush to conclusions, and also, that this kid was just a vessel (a product, a passive chess piece), not some grand-wizard of badassery.

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