Virginia Tech shooting “expert”?

In keeping with a trend I started by berating right-wing extremists hell bent on ruining digital fun, I feel I would be remiss if I did not mention Jack Thompson.  This assclown has been the leading opponent of violent media, with a concentration on video games, most notably the Grand Theft Auto series.  Let’s get this straight from the gates; this guy is a douchebag.  However, in the aftermath of the recent Virginia Tech shootings, Jack showed some rare class.

And by class I mean complete disregard for matters at hand.  Naturally, I was blown away when FOX News, usually a reliable source for “fair and balanced” news, assaulted my ears with Jack’s verbal diarrhea.  A FOX News “expert” is anybody who is in their budget to buy their “expertise”. 

People like Jack make me want to rampage more than the games I play.  This asshole just completely glosses over the tragedy, and wastes no time blindly accusing violent video games for this recent shooting. 

Jack, with his inside information, and superior wisdom, let us viewers in on the secret that the Columbine killers “trained” on DOOM.  Well since Jack likes to make things so literal and one dimensional, I am wondering why these kids weren’t out slaying demons in the depths of Hell. 

Whatever happened to accountability?  Oh of course it was the shooting games the killer may or may not play, definitely not the fact that he can purchase a handgun without a waiting period, or can go directly to a gun show and purchase one without a background check.  Instead of listening to hot button whistle blowers like Jack, people need to begin examining the real issues causing tragedies like these. 

I am not against civilians owning firearms entirely, but no rational person can disagree that the licensing process is in disarray.  It is a joke.  We need to have unifying legislation of gun laws.  There needs to a more detailed process, including mandatory safety classes, tests, and more extensive background checks.  It is infinitely harder for me to accomplish anything at the DMV, than it is for me to buy a weapon. 

I extend my deepest wishes to the Virginia Tech community for a complete recovery from this tragedy.



1 Response to “Virginia Tech shooting “expert”?”

  1. 1 stoneywageslave April 18, 2007 at 8:37 am

    I just couldn’t believe the dude got so many people with only 2 pistols. Fucking crazy.

    Living in LA, I kind of feel like I need a gun, but if I got one, it would probably be a shotgun, for maximum efficiency and shit-your-pants factor.

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