Least Savage Roll Call

Call me unoriginal if you wish.  However, those in the know have seen my portfolio of original ideas on this site.  For those of you on your first visit, you have a lot of catching up to do.

I was looking over Suit’s Most Savage Roll Call this evening and began to think that we should expose non savagery.  Hence, the Least Savage Roll Call was born.  What’s a yin without a yang?  That’s right, I’m deep.  Form an orderly line ladies, no cutting.

Least Savage Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Fresca


Least Savage Alcoholic Beverage: Pffftt, easy.  Coors Light.  Pete Coors is about as useful as a sack full of assholes.


Least Savage Food: Rocky Mountain Oysters


Least Savage TV Show: Entourage


Honorable Mention: Skating with the Stars


Least Savage Feature Film: Ferris Beuller’s Day Off.  Thats right, deal with it assholes.


Least Savage Recording Artist: Shaquille O’Neal.  Great player, should have left it at that. 


(Also holds record for Least Savage Video Game: Shaq-Fu)


Here is a representation of what a gamer feels like playing Shaq-Fu


Least Savage Professional Athlete: Any member of the Washington Redskins.  So sorry to see you go Tiki, you broke my heart.  I always loved watching you destroy the Skins.


Honorable Mention: Terrell Owens and his yellow teeth.


Honorable Mention #2: Joe Theisman’s leg


Least Savage Hobby: Tanning


Least Savage StoneyWageSlave User: Tie!  HouseParty and Haganav because they have both been chopped.


It’s funny because one of them is German and the other an aspiring Jew.  Sounds like a perfect StoneyWageSlave spin-off to me.


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