GOB is pronounced Job

We are now beginning a new era here at StoneyWageSlave, sort of.  We are going back to our roots, the inaugural members are the two left at the top of the heap.  It seems our friends were not ready for the level of commitment Stoney and I have come to expect in our domineering regime of savagery.  It was with heavy hearts that we made these cuts, but we felt it must be done.

 While chatting with Stoney this morning, and mulling over the consequences of our latest CHOP, we felt it would be a good idea to begin the first StoneyWageSlave collaboration project.  This project had to be about something we both love, so we could really sink our teeth in.  We believe, as much as we love Arrested Development, it is a miracle that it has not gotten any press on our site.  So we decided to do a two-part tribute to the aspects of Arrested Development we love the best.  I will bring my fondest memories of the show, and Stoney will have his own flavor in his respective post.  What will this accomplish?  Nothing probably.  And by nothing, I mean everything.  

Choosing a favorite aspect of this show is like choosing my favorite beer.  It all has the desired effect and it all tastes good (except Coors Light).  However, GOB Bluth wins my affection.  He is my favorite live action character, narrowly beating Doug Heffernan (played by Kevin James) from, King of Queens.  GOB stands for George Oscar Bluth, and it is pronounced Job, like the biblical character.  GOB is the eldest of the Bluth family; his mother openly hates him, and his father manipulates GOB’s need for his acceptance.  This makes for obvious TV gold and hilarity.  GOB is a down on his luck magician, and is constantly jealous of the affection his younger brother Michael receives.  Without further ado, I introduce to you, GOB Bluth…


This post will contain the most videos of any of my posts to date, so bear with me.  Without video evidence you readers cannot grasp the full effect of GOB’s comedy.  GOB is a classic asshole.  He does not care about anyone’s feelings other than his own.  Behold his mocking chicken dance that he constantly uses to degrade family members, especially Michael.

As you can see, GOB’s chicken dance is so infectious that his family members feel the need to create their own.  GOB’s mode of transportation is classic.  He travels on a segway, with a basket hanging over the front with his initials emblazoned on it.  Unfortunately, I could not find any video of GOB riding his segway, so pictures will have to do.


With a character such as GOB, he does a lot of regretful things.  A running joke on the show was a character, upon realizing something he/she has done uttering the phrase, “I’ve made a huge mistake”.  Nobody pulls this off like GOB, especially because he denies ever admitting to mistakes.  GOB is always overly dramatic.  Listening to his voice even in common conversation is like listening to someone deliver Shakespeare. 

However, the true comedic genius of GOB, and my personal favorite recurring joke, was when GOB tried to “hip up” his act by adding a black puppet named Franklin.  Franklin repeatedly spouted racial stereotypes, unbeknownst to GOB.  It was alluded to by Michael that GOB was furiously beaten on Torrance because of his Franklin act.  Yet, in classic GOB logic, he retorted, “Well African-Americany wasn’t ready for it.”  In season 3, GOB fashioned a sign for Franklin and his struggle, which read, “George Bush doesn’t care about black puppets.”  GOB can be quite clever when it comes to his acts.  I have been lucky to find a complete account of all of Franklin’s appearances, enjoy…

Well, that does it for now for my video tribute to GOB.  If you have never seen Arrested Development, shame on you.  But you can remedy your shame by renting the series on DVD.  I will leave you with a video montage to GOB set to the amusing song, “There was a little Spanish Flea.”  Enjoy, I know I will.

ROUGHTY NOTE: Well apparently the owner of the GOB montage is a non-savage and will not let his video be used.  If you would like to view this hilarious montage, it can be seen here.


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