General Update… Arrested Development… and Grundels

was dreamed up by Opie Taylor…  don’t know what i’m talking about?


he plays andy griffith’s son on the andy griffith show.  his ideas are ill-fated — all of them.  arrested development is like the retarded cousin nobody talks about. 

next, this is a grundel.   i know fish smell bad, but…  i prefer the word “taint”. 


Finally, no one canst choppest mine dome.  I am lestat.  instead of nasty old vampire bites, i come with the celeb pics that keep your posts subservient.  by the way, you think many people search


 i have allowed stoney and roughty their day in the sun.  they took off their diapers and switched to big-boy pants, but now i am back, and the yellow stains on their levis indicate that i was premature.  by the way, if i had a nickel for everytime i’ve been accused of being “premature” i’d fuckin own wordpress.  and i don’t mean “own” like punch.  i mean like “own.”


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